It Will Cost You Everything

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It Will Cost You Everything from I'll Be Honest on Vimeo.

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I am not here to criticise other relegions’ way of exemplifying their faith, but this video has somewhat annoyed me that this video can actually make some people to fear God than to believe in Him. I mean, for me, faith should have been shown in a lighter side, and relating it to our daily lives, and not as heavy as this. Preachers should make people build their faith, not fear. Fear is healthy if it is because of respect/faith, but not because they knew they will be punished someday if they will not follow. I know things are easier said than done; and we have our own rights to do what we think is right. I am no atheist, but being a Christian, I also have some criticisms with my own religion. I believe though that it is still my faith in Him that counts above anything else.