In Christ Alone – Book Review

Recommended Reading: “In Christ Alone – Living the Gospel Centered Life” presents a collection of short articles written by Sinclair B. Ferguson over the last 20 years or so. Although you can find most of the work in back issues of Eternity Magazine and Tabletalk, having the 50 chapter 256 page volume of Ferguson’s work provides theologically sound rich devotional material in a nice hardback Reformation Trust binding.

Sinclair Ferguson serves as pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina.

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I watch you every sunday and record your program for anytime viewing. I appricate how you give a teaching and not a preaching. I learn something from you every time I watch. And I become a b etter person every time. Each day I get better and better and better. I can’t wait till you come to chicago. I looking forward to being in your presents.