Trinity Baptist and Hurricane Gustav

Trinity Baptist Church in Baton Rouge Louisiana took a significant hit from Hurricane Gustav. Yesterday I went by to check on my friend Pastor Dale Crawford and the damage to their building. Gustav blew the roof off, soaked their fellowship hall area, Sunday school classrooms, nursery and offices. Dale lost his library to water damage. Their insurance responded quickly and a clean up crew was already onsite gutting the buildings. Dale predicts they may be back in full operation in little over a month. Meanwhile, they plan to hold joint services with a sister church.

Dale and most in their congregation do not have power. Electricity may be down in Baton Rouge for over a month. Please pray for these folks as they clean-up, regroup, and persevere to the glory of God.

Trinity Baptist Church of Baton Rouge - Hurricane Gustavrent a car bulgaria

Trinity Baptist Church of Baton Rouge - Hurricane Gustav

Don Elbourne and Dale Crawford