The Truth of the Cross – R. C. Sproul

The Truth of the Cross

R. C. Sproul’s latest book, “The Truth of the Cross” provides an in depth overview of Christ’s atoning work for sinners. He explains, in his characteristic clarity, why the atonement is necessary for sinners, how Christ stands as the only suitable and sufficient substitute willing and able to take in the curse for guilty humans who lay estranged from a holy God.

I love the way Sproul can communicate rich and complex theological truths in unclouded and concise language that, as Bruce Walkie notes, even a seventh-grader can grasp. For example, consider his treatment of the sometimes confusing understanding of the ransom motif, that I posted yesterday.

The Truth of the Cross” would serve as an excellent resource for believers at any level. For new believers, it gives a rich introduction to the core Christian doctrine of the atonement. For mature believers, it serves as a wonderful reminder of Christ accomplishment on their behalf. As I read it, I also caught myself thinking that the book would serve as an excellent evangelistic tool. Too often we relegate evangelism to small little snippet tracts that seek to present the gospel in the fewest number of words possible. While those resources prove helpful, we should also add to our arsenal fuller treatments of the gospel for individuals bombarded with anemic Christianity.

The gospel saturated “Truth of the Cross” provides a rich presentation of Christ’s work. At only 166 pages, its not too long to intimidate casual readers, but long enough to pack in a wealth of gospel content. buy and read a copy for yourself, and several more to pass along to friends – believers and unbelievers alike.