Show Me Church Planting Fund

Earlier this week the Missouri Baptist executive board voted to yank funding from Southern Baptist church plants affiliated with the Acts 29 Network. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. For the record, 42% of SBC sponsored church plants fail within the first 4 years. Acts 29 churches have a 100% success rate to go along with their strong commitment to high doctrinal standards and conservative evangelical theology. We ought to take notes from these guys instead of snubbing them.

Karis Community Church and Believer’s Church will lose their Missouri Baptist funding on January 1. The more level headed St. Louis Metro Baptist Association has started the” Show Me Church Planting Fund” that will supplement the lost revenue. Please consider giving to this fund to keep these successful church plants moving forward to the glory of God. Send designated contributions to:

St. Louis Metro Baptist Assoc.
“Show Me Church Planting Fund”
attn. Darren Casper
3859 Fee Fee Road
Bridgeton, Mo. 63044

3859 Fee Fee Road
Bridgeton, Mo. 63044


This is just another example of the SBC being “stuck on stupid.” The leader of the effort at the Missouri Baptist Convention made the statement that they were not going to fund “sinful outreach activities.” This church was going to people where they were and engaging them with the gospel. In other words, they did what Jesus did. It is so sad that all the MBC could see was that one of their man-made rules was being violated. There is a word for the practice of holding people to the standard of man-made regulations that are added to Scripture. It is called Phariseism.

Little strong Tom. Does ACTS29 leave room for speaking in tongues in it’s churches? I would agree there’s a lot we can learn from a lot of people. Control issues are always based upon whose foot the shoe is on. The SBC has been axing good Christian people for years – what makes this any different?

Probably was a little strong. It struck a nerve with me. This goes hand-in-hand with the SBTC (Texas) denying any need to criticize Ed Young, Jr. for having TD Jakes at his church (stated in a letter to me) but then passing a resolution taking an extra-biblical stance on alcohol. For the record, I write this being a teetotaler. I’m concerned that cultural and power issues together with pragmatism are ruling the day in the SBC and will eventually result in many good people leaving.

Yes, you are right Tony. Sorry to say but many good people have already left.

This is very interesting to know that Scott the director of Acts 29 Network, he is implementing a very good network with max number of Churches and well his network is spread to Asian country’s too I hope this network will do best in upcoming years and rock as one of the best Churches in this world.