Joel Osteen vs Jesus

Mark Driscoll, of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, just began his sermon series in Philipians entitled “A Rebel’s Guide to Joy.” In this short clip from his intro sermon, Driscoll contrasts Joel Osteen’s health wealth and prosperity message with the life of Jesus. Driscoll explains that Osteen teaches that “joy can be found in the same place that culture tells us. Get rich. Get healthy. Be happy. That’s the equation.” Driscoll counters, but when we say this we say Christianity has nothing different or more than what the world promises. Driscoll shows an Osteen clip and then responds, “just so ya’ know – that’s not right.”


Very good teaching by Mark Driscoll. It is sad that a large segment of supposed Christianity has been hijacked by the charlatans who selectively teach the Bible to suit their own desires. It is truly a case of the blind leading the blind with the result of all falling in the ditch.

I watched most of the little clip and thought I’d add my comment. Joel Olsteen seems to be the latest incarnation of the philosophy/psychology/cultural money making machine using a twisted interpretation of the Bible to justify his wealth. He seems to cater to the white middle class of the west coast. I think it’s boaderline Christianity at best but more like a personality cult I’d say. They all seem to have their target audiances – T.D. Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Kenneth Copeland and others who are very crafty at what they do, and what they do is very distructive to a lot of people. The men I work with hang on to some of this junk like it is going to do something for them or get them something. Many of the men in prison want to believe in someone or something, they often are looking for a quick fix to a long and difficult life. You can hear the passion in Driscoll’s voice because he (and most of christiandom) knows how this twisted teaching from the Olsteens of the world is doing untold damage to thousands. It really is challenging when these phonies take the Bible and re-interprate it to suit their own agendas. Olsteen’s hermeneutical cycle begins and ends with himself, ourself, and our culture making it faulty, unbiblical, and non-Christian. He and others have created their own religion and I for one don’t believe it is the religion of Jesus Christ of the Bible. I could write more but guys like Driscoll say it better.

I believe that Joel is sincere in his teachings. I don’t believe he is intentionally fabricating up his own theology. To me, he really seems to be confused. He seems unsure when it comes to making it clear that Jesus is the only way to God. He has said repeatedly, over and over that he doesn’t get political or don’t want to offend anyone. That is where I see the problem, and the source of much of his popularity. Joel needs to understand that the Word is what separates the sheep from the goats, which means some will be offended and result in him having less popularity. I fear that if he doesn’t draw a clear line soon, his church will become one like the one Carlton Pearson envisioned. The road to life is narrow; everyone is not going. We are to seek the lost, not everbody; and the lost knows His voice, whcih is the word of God. Joel’s interpretation of the gospel (good news) seems to be any good news, but the good news of the Bible is that God loved the world so much that he sent His only Son. Whoever bleives in Him has eternal life, and escape eternal destruction, which is the end of every man who rejects Christ as God’s appointed Way. The clip above was interesting, but it also is somewhat confusing. It pleased God to punish Jesus, because of us. You can’t do a comparison with those events that happen to Christ and put it against the context in which Joel is speaking. I kinda get what you are saying, but some may interpret you saying something to the other extreme that God wants us to only have bad experiences. You really need to go back and study why those things happened to Christ (Isaiah). It is ligitimate to say that God wants to bless those and work out all thing to the benefit of those who love Him. It is the enemy who comes to destroy.

Mark Driscoll is telling truth. If life were that easy after coming to Christ, Yeshua wouldn’t tell us we would have persecution, or that we need the peace of God.
If life were that easy after coming to Christ, we wouldn’t be told to hold fast to our faith.
Total inconsistance with what I read in my Bible-but maybe Joel has his own version.

I marvel at the pseudo spirituality of those who criticize preachers, both those individuals who do so and other preachers (whose heart and motive is exposed by their criticism).

The preachers because they *should* know better, but in so doing expose their extremely poor grasp of what spiritual maturity is.

The ignorance of individuals is another matter. Anyone can open their mouth and put their foot in it and it’s up to the reader to have enough sense to discern stupidity, carnality, jealously, ignorance, foolishness and wicked motivations.

In a previous generation, when Christian values were respected in this society, a common adage was, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

While it can be very appropriate to warn people of deception, the bottom line is that only the Word of God hidden in the heart of man will protect him from deception. Therefore, the Biblical admonition to think on whatever is pure… is just part of the evidence that the critics don’t really believe the Bible as much as they pretend to in their criticism of those with whom they disagree.

The internet has many good things. One of the very bad things is that it gives evil people a voice that they would otherwise not have to influence others. So-called “discernment ministries” are a bane to the body of Christ and everyone who unfortunately hears them.

This evil penchant for criticizing men of God is that to which I referred in my earlier remark about pseudo spirituality but maybe I should have skipped everything heretofore and simply offered the following for succinctness.

Jesus said, “Inasmuch as you did it unto the least of these, My brethren, you did it unto me.”

Is that not a simple statement? Is not great counsel within that remark? Are the implications of that statement really hard to comprehend? I think not, but according to the Word of God, the fool does not delight in wisdom buy only in expressing his own opinion.

I think Mark is right. I also think hes fulfilling his charge in Titus chapter 1 as a pastor. To Mr Sellars, this is another part of the Bilbe – not often read. When we think on what is pure – we have to come to grips with truth – even if its ugly. Paul said that their own prophets say that the “Cretians are all liars”, Paul replys and says that this saying is true so rebuke them before all. The wounds of a friend are faithful but the kisses of an ememy are deceitfull.

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I think putting down other people especially other pastors is hilarious. Pointing fingers. I think Jesus called them “pharisees”.


Jesus preached against the error in the pharisees teachings just like Mark Driscoll is teaching against the errors of Joel Osteen here. If you listen to what Pastor Mark says here and compare it to the words of Jesus and to Joel Osteen, you clearly can see who is on who’s side.

I must agree that since I first saw Joel Olsteen I got a bad filling. His teaching of prosperity of wealth and health is ok in some ways. The problem I have is what do you tell the faithful Christians who never gain victories in these areas? Are we to say that one is deserving and not another? Did you not pray properly? This is an area that we must be very careful with.