Mississippi Founders Conference

God richly blessed me this weekend with an opportunity to attend the first Mississippi Founders Conference. Over fifty people gathered together for fellowship with like-minded believers, worship corporately, and to sit under the teaching of Dr. Tom Nettles of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

After church Sunday morning in Lakeshore we drove up to Jackson MS and worshiped with Grace Baptist Church for their evening service. special guest Dr. Tom Nettles preached 2 Thess. 2:7-17 on the operation of God’s wrath, the operation of God’s Grace, and the operation of God’s consolation. They already have the mp3 on their web site ready for download. Grace Baptist Church meets in the Reformed Theological Seminary library. After the service we stayed for a fellowship meal and met several great folks including the facilities and grounds director at RTS.

Castlewoods Baptist Church in Brandon hosted the event on Monday. Dr. Nettles gave an engaging lecture on Spurgeon in the morning session and a very encouraging and informative lecture in the afternoon entitled, “The Local Church and Baptist Identity.” It could have been titled, “What does true reformation look like in a local baptist church?” I recommend grabbing this one when they make the mp3 available.

I had a great time of fellowship with one of our church members, James Bobbitt, as we traveled to and from the conference. Monday, we met up with my friend Tony Hicks, pastor of Clifton Baptist Church. I met several great folks at the conference including Mike Corley who hosts a radio talk show in Vicksburg. Check out his website and subscribe to his podcast.

I also met a guy from my home town of Baton Rouge who just planted a new church there called “La Croix.” (French for “the Cross.” very cool) They meet in a gymnastics studio, not but a few miles from my parents house. I’m excited to see the progress of this new venture.

In the question and answer time, Dr. Nettles expressed an unfettered optimism as the reformation within the Southern Baptist Convention begins to develop past the infancy stage. While great obstacles still loom large, from his chair at SBTS he sees more and more churches calling pastors who unashamedly herald the doctrines of grace and trumpet the sovereignty of God over all things

I took a brief time away from our ongoing relief, recovery, and rebuilding efforts on the gulf coast to hear one of my heroes, Dr. Tom Nettles, in person. I was richly blessed by his teaching; but in all honesty, I could have snagged the mp3s later. More than anything I wanted to show up and demonstrate my support of the Mississippi Founders Fraternal and to stand shoulder to shoulder with fellow believers in our state, who love and proclaim the gospel of grace. I can’t thank enough Mingo and the others at Castlewoods who spearheaded this endeavor. I pray that the founders friendly network serves to strengthen and encourage churches and pastors to move forward in God-centered reform; by his grace and for his glory.


Pastor Don,
Greetings from Jackson! I just stumbled across your webpage and have really enjoyed reading all of your blogs about the conference with Tom Nettles, the “Together for the Gospel” conference, etc. I don’t know if we have actually met (surely we have at some point…), but I’m the guy who was selling the books for Reformed Theological Seminary (where I serve as bookstore manager) at the Founder’s Conference. In fact, I’ve been part of the MS Founder’s fellowship since the very beginning (…were you possibly at that initial meeting, yourself?), and I was the one that managed to line up Dr. Nettles for our meetings here in Jackson. I was also at the first “Together for the Gospel” conference, and am REALLY hoping to go next year as well, but I don’t know how I’ll be able to arrange it unless they allow me to hire an assistant manager here at the bookstore between now and then!

I just wanted to say a quick “hello” since you and I clearly have a lot of common interests and convictions. Also, I wanted to encourage to BE SURE and touch base with me about all of the wonderful book deals that I’m offering here at RTS. For starters, everybody who shops with us receives an automatic 20% discount on nearly every title in stock. In addition, I am currently offering the entire John Macarthur New Testament Commentary set (which I believe I had with me at the Founder’s event) for the LOWEST PRICE THAT IT’S EVER SOLD FOR ($299.99). I also currently have EVERY VOLUME of the NICOT / NICNT commentary series (my favorite overall series) available at 45% discount!

O.K., that’s enough “shameless promotion” for now…I just wanted to illustrate a couple of ways that our bookstore might be able to assist you with your book buying needs. Regardless, I’d love to catch up with you sometime. Please feel free to call me at the bookstore, at (601) 923-1616. Oh yes! And you might be interested to know that RTS will be hosting Walter Kaiser on campus here next week (September 11-13), and in November, we’re hosting Mark Dever (November 6-8). Also, Sunday morning, October 14, First Presbyterian Church in Jackson will be celebrating their new sanctuary, and their guest preacher will be R. C. Sproul! Anyway, call the store if you’d like any more info. on any of this – and keep writing all of these great blogs and articles!

In Christ,
Josh Dear


Its great to hear from you. We may have met at the MS Founders Conf. I think I bought a short stack of books from you. 🙂 I would love to make it up there in November to hear Mark Dever. I’m not sure If I can swing it or not.

You wouldn’t happen to be attending Steve Lawson’s conference with John McArthur in October would you? I just registered for that.