Second Anniversary

About two months ago, as I relaunched our Rebuild Lakeshore web site with a blog, I said that I planned to continue posting to both sites. Since that time I’ve made 26 entries on Rebuild Lakeshore and none here on my personal blog. You can tell what occupies most of my time. Let me encourage you to bookmark my Rebuild Lakeshore site and keep up to date with our relief efforts.

I do want to keep posting here. Today marks the second anniversary of my blog, so I figured today I would break the silence. Two years ago, I had no idea how deep the water would get when I dove into the blogosphere. In God’s providence the site drew attention to the great need left in the wake of Katrina. I pray that my future postings will point to our great God who can hold a hurricane in his hand.


Hi Don…glad to see you blogging again! I sent you an e-mail on your birthday, but it didn’t make it. Apparently that’s e-mail address no longer works. But happy belated birthday…hope it was wonderful for you! God bless.

Hi Pastor Don,
Our team of 16 arrives in Lakeshore around 1pm, Feb. 5th. This will be our 4th trip to Lakeshore, Miss. We are all anxious to see you all again. And to work for the Lord once again!! Until then…..