The baby

Gabe Fricke

Several folks asked to see a picture of JoEll’s new baby. Here he is.- little Gabe Fricke.

The Fricke’s have a tradition in their house that all the kid’s names start with the letter “G.” Gabe has two older siblings, Gabrielle and Geb. They didn’t go for my first choice in baby names – “Gil” (after John Gill). The possible Finding Nemo allusion scared them off. I think I’ll call him “Goober” instead (after Goober Pyle).


Not even three weeks old and folks are lining up to see him, even over the internet. He has all the markings of one loved child! Thanks for the peak at our newest member of the Lakeshore family. Blessings to all.

Adorable! Thanks for sharing. Hey, tomorrow we’re supposed to find out if my (to be born in February) first grandchild is a boy or a girl!

Incidentally, my Dad’s nickname for my sister Lisa was “Goober.” No idea why. 🙂

John Gill? Wasn’t he one of those hypers? 🙂

As you know, Courtney and I are expecting our first child. If it’s a boy, I’m definitely holding out for Calvin, or maybe Luther. What about Jude? Augustine?? I’ll have to add Gill to that list too. [I can see my wife rolling her eyes now…]


He’s a handsome fellow! Give him a snuggle for us, JoEll! ~From your Carlisle, PA friends
PS I think it was Gomer Pile…wasn’t it? 😉