Labor Day

Nathan repairs the pulpit platform.

My friend Nathan White, his lovely wife, and our buddy Stephen Ake visited Lakeshore a couple of weeks ago. Jamie beat me to the punch and blogged about our Labor Day weekend. Nathan shot me an email and apologized for the “little work” he acomplished. Maybe I should have sent him to gut a mold infested house or chainsaw downed trees in the mosquito thick marsh, but instead he did some light paining in my new office, repaired a squeak in my pulpit platform, sat around talking theology, and solved all the problems plaguing the SBC.

We also drug the threesome to Long Beach for a Jars of Clay Concert. The band played several Redemption Songs, covered some old favorites, and unleashed a few pre-release Good Monster tunes. Stephen brought his own ear plugs and held down the back row. I somehow doubt he plans to join us for Third Day in October. 🙂

I praise God for the great friends He has seen fit to send me this past year. Their encouragement sustains me by God’s grace.


Its wonderful to see frolic returning to your life and blogs! Your joy is contagious and adictive. NO one can visit Lakeshore, “just one” time.
Blessings to all!

Nathan always looks good with a drill in his hand. Got any other pics of Nathan that I can have for personal use? 🙂

Seriously Don, Nathan shared with me his visit and how refreshed he was because of the trip and more specifically his time with you. God bless you man. Your great faith and strength in the Lord during such adverse times have been an inspiration to many others whose cirucmstances seem all too foreign to yours. I still remember our conversations at the T4G conference and am grateful to have been able to meet you and hang out with you. Take care Don, and be sure to keep a close eye on Nathan when he comes down, especially when he is operating heavy machinery.