Its a boy!

JoEll had her baby yesterday. The strapping boy weighed in at 8 pounds. Mother and son are doing well.

For those not familiar with Lakeshore, JoEll serves as my administrative assistant. That means she does most of the stuff that I get credit for. So, please pray for me extra hard as JoEll recovers.

btw, JoEll and family now have a small albeit “full sized” mobile home. Up until a few weeks ago, she, her husband, their 13 year old, and nine year old lived in a very small camper. At least now they have space for the new born and enough room to walk around a little. Early after the storm I posted a picture of what remained of the Fricke house. The rubble has now been cleared and they have house plans in the works. Pray for them as they make plans to rebuild their home.


PRAISE GOD!!! I was so worried about JoEll + her growing family being in that cramped camper. Amen amen for answered prayers as they will now have more space for their little one. God is so Good. CONGRATULATIONS to JoEll + hubby + Ms Bea + Charles as well.


Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

One year after a devasting storm hit a faith community God brings life to His people through the birth of a son.

Tell JoEll, the Church in Tehachapi will bring her family to the throne of grace.

What can bring greater joy to a community than the birth of a child.

Grace to you all,


We are rejoicing with everyone over the birth of this precious little one! We wish we could be there to give JoEll a baby shower 🙂 JoEll is a special lady, and we thank God for her. Praying for her and the entire family, and especially this little guy!

that’s so exciting!! Glad to hear her baby arrived safely!! Congrats to JoEll and the whole Fricke fam!! 🙂

Wow! That is so very exciting! I’m so glad to hear about the baby’s safe arrival, and Congrats to JoEll and her family!! We’ll be praying for this new little life.

Dear Lakeshore Family,
We rejoice with you in welcoming a new child into our family. Young Geb will be a great big brother! Don, I know you were deeply concerned that JoEll wouldn’t have room to bring a baby home and God has blessed your request. You are a wonderful big brother to her. Though we’d all like to see them back in a house, JoEll’s humble heart, like yours, must be overflowing with gratitude for the provision of a larger trailer at last. Please post a photo when you can; we’d love to see the newest blessing to Lakeshore. A precious physicial reminder of God’s promise for new beginnings. Love to all.

Dearest JoEll,
We are so happy for you!! I had no idea about you living in a little camper! I can’t wait to come back and help you! For now, we will pray for you and trust God to supply your every need as He has promised. He is faithful. Now, give that little guy a snuggle for us way up here in Carlisle, PA. We love you, sister!

Praise the Lord for His constant provision. Praise Him for the gift of life. May your family be reminded of His everlasting love as you rejoice in His blessings to your family.

Congratulations; We have all been praying for you and your fam. Look forward to seeing that new little boy , maybe in November. God Bless. Love from all at Ridgeland Heights Bapt.

I heard you speak at xtreme and your message meant a lot to me i was just wonting to thank you for the grate message