High gear

The grind and hum of construction noise fill the air in Lakeshore. After a few relatively quiet weeks, we kicked construction into high gear again starting Wednesday. We saw smaller teams for the past month, but we hosted a full camp site this week. Several projects pushed forward through the sweat of First Baptist Church of Batesville MS, New Beginnings Church near Tuscaloosa, AL, Hebron Baptist Church of Dacula, GA, First Baptist Church or Pelham AL, and Trinity Baptist Church of Baton Rouge. Sharon made her fifth trip down from New Jersey with her kids. George and Kathy Nelson were with us again this week. Slim, from Idaho churned out lumber from the mill. (btw, Slim brought us a very cool custom designed log lifting trailer to work in conjunction with our saw mill.) We look forward to next week when friends from Georgia, Wisconsin, and Kentucky will join us.

Jamie posted some pictures of Mr. Howee’s house. They laid Mrs. Lynn’s floors and finished the sheet rock, and installed a back door.. They set Mrs. Redford’s cabinets, poured Mrs. Bea’s porch slab, framed another house, worked in the new church office, and hit several other projects. God continues to grease the gears of this reconstruction machine as we ride full throttle for His glory.


It’s Wednesday night and as you meet for church we will be thinking about you as we at church and finilize plans for another trip. We’re looking forward to working with you again in early November. A small group of us but we are ready to go, tools and all.