Stephen’s 8th trip

Things continue to happen much faster than I could ever blog about them all. A few weeks ago, Stephen Ake made his 8th trip to Lakeshore since the storm. I failed to blog about our Family Bible Conference, so please check out Stephen’s blog for a summery of God’s activity that week. He also snapped a good number of pictures from this trip. That week we hosted about 200 volunteers and saw a lot of progress being made on over a dozen homes.


PRAISE GOD!!! Thank you for posting such wonderful pictures of God’s humble servants working all around the Lakeshore + Waveland areas. I am curious to know if the small house in first few pics is Ms. Redford’s? Our team from Maryland poured the footers + started the framing on her house in early June. If not, please post updated info or picture when you can of her home as well.
Continued prayers + blessings to you, Don.


Yes. That is Mrs. Redford’s house. I plan to post an update on it soon. Its an exciting and joyful project.

AMEN!!! AMEN!! We are thrilled to see it coming along so well, as I am sure she is also. Can’t wait to see updated pictures.
Please give her our best!
Paula Hamilton
Trinity Lutheran Church

It was exciting to see the pictures. Our team from Pelham, Alabama is shown at two work sites. As is probably often the case, I received the greater blessing from Vergie, Lisa and Tammy than they received from what little I did on their new home.

David Drake
First Baptist Pelham, AL