Quiet Around Here

With the fall semester starting all over the country our summer flood of volunteer help begins to slow. Believe it or not, the usually bustling Lakeshore Baptist Church property sits almost empty and quiet this morning. My administrative assistant, JoEll, began her maternity leave today, Greg London is in Atlanta attending the FIRE conference, and James went to visit his sister in a Shreveport hospital. The one family with us this week is working off site in one of the homes. That leaves Me and Jamie (our intern) here waiting for the group of ladies from Crystal Springs to arrive some time today.

So much more still remains undone. We pray that this temporary lull in volunteers will give us time to breathe and continue on for the glory of God.

I’ve been trying to take this opportunity to catch up on email this morning, now that we have inter net access and air conditioning in our new office. I just set up a folding table in here to get out of our cramped office camper. We still need to paint the interior doors and trim work, complete the bathroom, and several other miscellaneous things. The outside still needs another coat of paint and the storm shutters need to be built and hung. It won’t be long before we can officially move in. Doing so should make all the efforts here more productive and efficient. If you would like to come help, please call us at (228) 469-0110. If no one answers, please leave a message and we will return your call asap.


Don, What a joyous picture in my minds eye, imagining you in your new office looking out the completed window. We pray for rest and rejuvination for you all during this season. We hold you close to our hearts always. Love to JoEll and all our Lakeshore family.

Well, I have skimmed over the diary of what you, your family, and your church has been living through this past year. I am truly humbled. There really are no proper words to express the emotion welling inside. I am proud and honored to say that I know who Don Elbourne is. I guess that song “Legacy” would best describe your God honoring family. WOW…. wow…
To God be the glory great things He hath done…thru you=) Please keep in touch when you have time. -Caroline, Frank, & Frankie