Local thanks your help

a line forms awaiting our distribution center's morning opening
a line forms awaiting our distribution center's morning opening

Above: a line forms awaiting our distribution center’s morning opening

When folks in our community heap words of praise on me for the work Lakeshore Baptist Church provides, I have to quickly divert the gratitude upward and outward. God continues to send the resources of volunteer man power for the rebuilding efforts and generous supplies for the distribution center as we minister help and hope for His glory. A dear local lady sent me this email:

Hello Pastor Don,

I have sent e-mail to all my email friends in other states asking for donations to your distribution center, I sent them a list of items needed and for them to contact their Pastors to contact you. I also suggested that since it was hard to ship these items down here that they could possibly sent Wal-Mart gift cards to you telling what they wish for you to purchase with the cards, for example cases of can goods, paper towels, toilet paper, bottle water, etc.

I and my neighbors are some of the people you have helped and it is greatly appreciated. While standing in your line waiting for the site to open we have met so many wonderful people, A church group from Kansas a couple of weeks ago,, Janet and her daughter were so sweet..

We met a elderly gentlemen yesterday that was looking for can goods and bottle water. The water supply was gone, later that evening My neighbor and me brought him 4 cases of water that we had collected for him. It made us feel good that we had something we were able to share with him.

We and our community are slowly rebuilding our lives. Your church has been a ray of sunshine to us.

I hope the emails will generate more help for the distribution center.

Thank You again for helping our community.


Some days we see up to 500 people flow through our distribution center to keep food on their FEMA camper tables. As Bonnie suggested, Wal-mart gift cards provide an excellent way for people around the country to help Lakeshore rebound to the glory of God. You can send gift cards or other donations to:

Lakeshore Baptist Church
PO Box 293
6028 Lakeshore Road
Lakeshore MS 39558


As we watch the stories this weekend from CNN and the Weather Channel about the hurricane, we are bombarded with what went wrong. It’s good to know that in Lakeshore, Mississippi there are a group of people living for the glory of God, doing the best they can and doing a lot of things right. I wish the whole world could know and see what you all are doing. Keep up the good work.

This week will mark one year after a life changing expierence for you and the people of your church. I admire your strength and your faith in God you have kept after one whole year. The memories that our Church has of your church are nothing but positive inspiration. I pray that God will give Lakeshore more than what you’ve asked and what you’ve thought of having this upcoming year. We’re in the process of sending a documentary based on my Church’s mission trip there to you. I’m confident that you will enjoy it, and will be inspired to do more after viewing it. I will let you know as this progresses.

God Bless