Jamie Dunbar

Jamie Dunbar

When the storm hit one year ago, we trusted that God was working thousands of purposes for His glory. I know now, that part of the plan of providence included thousands of people flooding into the Lakeshore area. Dozens have become close friends. One of the most precious hails from Platteville, Wisconsin. Jamie Dunbar traveled with her church back in January and then again in March. Her heart for Lakeshore led her to serve here as a summer intern through NAMB. We threw her in the fire with both feet. Before she completed the first week we had her driving a forklift, stocking shelves, directing droves of teenagers to countless jobs, answering the phone, running errands, greeting arriving teams late into the night, and doing anything Greg, James, JoEll, and I didn’t want to do. 🙂 Although she keeps a grueling schedule, vary rarely gets five minutes off, and lives in less than desirable conditions (enough to scare off most people) she has just decided to stay with us as a semester missionary at least until Christmas.

At 23 and a relative new believer, she demonstrates a maturity far beyond her years. She works quietly, learns quickly, and serves tirelessly. As my chauffeur I’ve enjoyed her heart for sound theology, her great since of humor, and her taste for good food. She loves the doctrines of grace, rides a cool bike, and can order a dressed shrimp po-boy like a native New Orleanian. She sings and plays guitar and couples her talent with a passion for great hymns. She even blogs. Check out her site, Because of Grace, as she chronicles her ministry in Lakeshore.


You’re right, the girl has maturity! If you haven’t yet, read her blog site. Lakeshore is blessed having Jamie.

Yeah, she’s a superstar Don, but – can she catch a frisbee and still walk the next day? We think she’s staying down there with you guys because she doesn’t do so well walking on ice…:)
Seriously, all of us at Rolling Hills Church (her home church in Wisconsin) are very proud of Jamie’s faith, obedience, and maturity.
God’s best to you guys…
PJ in Platteville

It is great to see it is going well for you. Your work will continue to bless you.

Don Greif
Chico CA

I will have to admit that the thought of having fewer chances of slipping on ice and snow covered streets and sidewalks is a comforting thought. But pallets aren’t the easiest thing to walk on, especially in the middle of the night 🙂

I have truely been blessed by my time in Lakeshore and looking forward to staying a while longer. I am excited to see what the Lord is going to do this next semester and beyond in the lives of the folks here on the gulf coast and the volunteers from around the nation.

It’s such a blessing to see how God has snatched not just part of your life, but all of it. You certainly bless us and Christ by giving your life for His glory. You continue to enter my prayers.

Word has it, I was only a few miles away from you when I went down to Waveland… we’ll have to connect next time!