Back to School

school uniforms

school uniforms

Local kids returned to school this week outfitted by our school uniform drive. The give-away proved a great success. Lakeshore Baptist Church distributed over 600 uniforms to grateful parents.

Plans for Gulfview Elementary School are up in the air – literally. As demolition crews finish grinding the remains of the school’s foundation, officials battle over where and how to rebuild. Locals unanimously want the school rebuilt in its historic central location, but federal authorities have other ideas. Meanwhile, many Lakeshore elementary school children catch 6:00 am busses to shuttle them up to their temporary school location near the Stennis International Airport


PRAISE GOD!!! Yet another Awesome outreach for your community!! Amen!
Yes, I have been keeping up w/ online news articles about Gulfview Elementary. We will continue to pray for Lakeshore and the entire rebuilding effort.
Blessings to you all as the one year anniversary of Katrina approaches.

Hi Pastor Don this is Bob from Virginia just a note to say hope things are going well for you and your family.I seen where you had a nice vacation to Gatlenburg this summer.I will always keep you and your church in my prayers.Tell James I said hello and his new house looks nice Bob from Virginia