School Uniform Drive

The children of Lakeshore head back to school in mid-August after their summer break. While crews complete the demolition of storm damaged Gulfview Elementary School, kids return to the make-shift temporary buildings housed 25 miles north of their community. The long commute, loss of friends, mixed school district, unfamiliar surroundings, and homework in FEMA campers leave families and teachers yearning for a little normalcy. The reinstituted dress code should provide a small step in that direction.

Lakeshore Baptist Church plans to distribute school uniforms as a wonderful ministry opportunity. You can help by sending dress code approved items to Lakeshore Baptist Church, 6028 Lakeshore Road, Lakeshore MS 39558. Please label as “School Uniform Drive.”

Dress Code

  • All shirts must be solid colors, white, navy blue, royal blue, or red.
  • Students may wear button down (Oxford/pointed collar or Peter Pan/Rounded collar), knit polo (2 or 3 button closure), or turtlenecks.
  • Shirts may be long or short sleeve, with or without pockets.
  • Shirts must have plain fronts without trim, lace, ruffles, pleats, etc.
  • Crop tops, Midriff shirts, or tight fitting shirts are not allowed.
  • Shirts may not carry visible trademarks, brand logos, writing, etc.
  • All pants, slacks, and shorts must be solid navy blue or khaki (tan, beige, or similar).
  • The length of shorts must be mid-thigh or longer.
  • Girls may wear caprise.
  • Pants, slacks, and shorts may be pleated or un pleated, cuffed or uncuffed, with or without elastic, but must be hemmed.
  • Wash-n-wear or permanent press fabric only; Denim, stretch material/spandex fabric, velour or fleece is not allowed.
  • Cargo or carpenter styles or bellbottoms are not allowed.
  • Very small trademark or logo is allowed.
  • Jumpers, skirts, culottes, and skorts must be solid navy blue or khaki (tan, beige, or similar).
  • The length must not be higher than four (4) inches above the top of the knee.
  • Jumpers may be V-neck or round neck.
  • Skirt style must be box pleat, knife pleat, A-line, kilt style or flared style.
  • Wash-n-wear or permanent press fabric.
  • Denim, stretch material/spandex fabric, velour or fleece is not allowed.
  • Cargo style skirts are not allowed.
  • Students may wear sweaters, vests,sweatshirts, or fleece in either cardigan-button down, pullover-scoop, or V-neck or zip up. styles.
  • Outerwear must be solid colors, white, navy blue, royal blue, or red.
  • Shirts may not carry visible trademarks, brand logos, writing, etc.
  • Coats and jackets may have hoods and may be any color.
  • Trademarks and logos are allowed.
  • Coat length is limited to mid-thigh,
  • Trench coats are not allowed.


Brother Don, our church is working on this, and we’ll collect over the next few weeks, and ship down on Monday, August 7th. I assume this is for elementary age, but is this also for junior high/high school age?

I will never, ever forget Gulfview Elementary. It was like stepping into Pompeii – frozen in time, with Friday-before-Katrina’s date still on the board.

We’ll be praying for you as you distribute these clothes.


Thank you so much. For this drive we are collecting for the elementary school kids of Gulfview. We decided to focus on the younger children. Although the jr. high and high school kids could use clothing, we didn’t think we could handle the bulk of clothing and sorting that might come from the larger range at this time.

The range of sizes would be for kindergarden kids thru 5th or 6th grade then, correct?

Pastor Don,
Please post how to best send packages to the church. I sent a box of canned food last week through the US Postal Service and it was returned today as undeliverable. I am now thinking Fed-Ex or UPS would be a better delivery choice. Please advise as I know you would like your uniforms to arrive safely + promptly. Thank you + God Bless.

Dear Pastor Don,
My name is Leslie Holly and I have several blogs for the assistance of Hancock County.
I will be posting the information re: the uniform drive on my blogs by 7/20.

Please let me know if there are any other needs you have that you would like me to post as well, and under what town…


Providence Presbyterian of Hilton Head, SC raised $ to order 500 uniforms for the elementary school. They will be delivered to you withing 7 working days. We will continue to ask support for this cause.
God Bless!

Pastor Don,

Independent Bible Presbyterian Church has designated its offering from VBS to go towards the uniform drive. I will be doing the shopping (I keep telling my husband this is my spiritual gift but he doesn’t buy it:) I was wondering if there are certain items you need more than others at this point.

Please keep us informed of any other needs.

In Christ,
Becky Moyer


Thank you so much. Thursday, we plan to distribute the uniforms that we have collected. After that, I will try to post an update on what would still be needed.

I talked to the rep from the uniform company and he said that 500 shirts and 250 skorts were shipped out August 1. Unfortunately the shorts are on back order until the end of August but you will be getting them.
God Bless,
Bebe Cifaldi

Thank you so much Bebe. We received the shipment. I have not opened all the boxes yet. We are so excited to be able to provide uniforms to the kids in our community.

Pastor Don,
Tonight we sent many new dress code clothes for the grammer school children. Lamar should be there by early Saturday morning. We are happy to be apart of this ministry. God Bless.
Independent Churches of South Jersey

Pastor Don,

I neglected to purchase insurance on the box of boys’shorts that we sent. Did they arrive?

In Christ,
Becky Moyer


We did receive the pants. Thank you so much. I can’t tell you how happy and thankful the parents of Lakeshore have been for these uniforms. Those of you sending thins to the gulf coast are making a real difference in the lives of residence who face the long road of recovery.