Highlands Fellowship

With all the church groups that come to work in Lakeshore, sometimes we also receive a blessing from families who come on there own. Along with the 11 church groups and 180+ folks last week, a wonderful couple, Scott and Myrtle, came to help. I did not get to spend much time with them, but they quietly served with smiles, and sweat, and hard work. They just sent me an encouraging email that I’d like to share.

Pastor Don,

Our names are Scott and Myrtle Berry. We just returned home on this past Friday after spending a week there. We worked mostly on the Church office building. We are from Highlands Fellowship church in Abingdon, Va. Just want to say thanks for all you are doing for the people in your community. It was hard for us to leave with so much left to be done. We know new groups are coming in to help every week, thats encouraging. At our Church this morning they sang “How Great Is Our God”, Myrtle and I know first hand just how great our God is, we saw with our own eyes just how great He is!! Take care,

In Christ,

Scott and Myrtle

BTW, Highlands Fellowship Church in Abingdon VA continues to provide us essential assistance in the form of multiple groups who have traveled to the coast and a number of physical resources that help tremendously. Two of our bunk houses and our fully equipped kitchen trailer all came from Highlands Fellowship. We owe a deep debt of gratitude to Bob Turner and all the great folks from Abingdon.



I am sorry I did not even know of your problems caused by the flood. I emailed you about an Old Testament question and it came back. Do you have an email address?

I went to the Lakeshore site, and was flabergasted.

I would like to encourage some from Missouri to respond to your needs. What about your personal home?

Jim McCullen