Painting the Nesom House

Painting the Nesom House

The Nesom house burned about a month before hurricane Katrina slammed into our community and flooded the charred home. The family said, what at first seemed to be a tragic “double wammy” turned out to be the providence of God.

Butch and Sandy and their own three kids graciously took in three young boys last year. With eight mouths to feed on limited finances, our church family helped them with groceries and support.

When a fire drove them out of their home into a borrowed trailer, the church rallied around them with the basic necessities of life. Little did we know that a month later we would all be in the same boat.

Twenty something volunteer teams have come along side Butch, Sandy, Scott, Beth, Jessica, Cody, Michael, and Jimmy to help them get a roof back over their head. We added an addition on the small rehabbed house. The home now boasts ample room for the full family.

Less than two months after the storm the first team, led by Bill Breckenridge of New Jersey, began gutting the house. Read his account of that first step of Giving Hope, check out his pictures, and listen to his audio report. A few weeks ago, a team from the same church, led by Bill’s wife Donna Jean returned to be a part of finishing the job. Read her report From start to finish.

Last week, thanks to a group of Wisconsin college kids, the exuberant home now sports a bright yellow finish.

The Nesom House - Fire and Flood

Painting the Nesom House


In the busyness of our daughter Bethany’s wedding planning (it’s this Saturday, the 10th), I missed checking your blog. There are tears of joy to read about the foundation for Miss Bea and James’ house, and to read this report of the Nesom’s home – this is so wonderful.

Our Bethany (we loved the painting of the name Bethany on Bethany Nesom’s bedroom wall!) was with us when we came down in April, and her fiance – soon to be her husband – Nate was part of the team with my husband that gutted the Nesom’s home.

We all (men and women from Chapel on the Hill) are planning to come down again in early October. We wish it could be sooner – but know you are all in our prayers every day.

The house looks beautiful…