Brief June Update

The Lord continues to expand our scope of ministry as he sends us a steady stream of volunteers to rebuild our storm ravaged community. Nearly 10 months after hurricane Katrina slammed into the gulf coast, most of Lakeshore MS still looks like a carpet bombed war zone. Large machinery has removed thousands of tons of debris, but so much more needs to be done.

The new sound of pounding hammers and buzzing saws finally begin to join the ongoing roar of chain saws, the crunching of demolition equipment, and the beeping of relief supply forklifts.

We praise God for allowing us to be a part of hundreds of ongoing rehab and rebuilding projects. Several folks have moved into their homes after dozens of teams file through with house gutting crews, clean up teams, roofers, electricians, plumbers, sheet rock hangers and finishers, painters, finish carpenters, and helping hands of every sort.

One new construction project, begun this week, saw a widow’s footers being poured and the floor beams put into place. Mrs. Redford, a 76 year old Lakeshore Baptist Church member, with parkinson’s, rode out the storm with her dog. Miraculously she survived the ordeal but lost her home. We plan to build her a new 600 sq ft house.

We heavily rely on the volunteer crews that God sends our way. If you would like to plan a trip to Lakeshore to lend assistance, please call us at Lakeshore Baptist Church (228) 469-0110 to schedule a trip. also visit our web site Monetary donations serve to fuel and feed our volunteer efforts and supply building materials for many of our projects.

Lakeshore Baptist Church
6028 Lakeshore Road PO Box 293
Lakeshore MS 39558


Dear Pastor Don,
Our visit to Lakeshore last week was very humbling but yet it was a true blessing for all of us. It was an honor to serve our Lord and our fellow brothers and sisters. God is doing amazing things in your community. We are looking forward to seeing the progress of the many projects in the coming weeks, such as Mrs. Redford’s house. We pray that the help and volunteers will continue to rain down upon you.We look forward to coming back soon.
God’s Peace be with you,
Joe Delfino
Trinity Lutheran Church
Joppa, MD

Pastor Don,
We just wanted to share with you that our viist on June 5th-10th was such a blessing to us. We plan on returning and we have taken up a collection during our VBS here in Schriever to bring to you all. The collection was not monetary, it was in toilet paper. During the week of VBS we collected about 26 cases of toilet paper for you that we will be bringing over to you all in the next few weeks, as soon as we can organize the trip. We pray for you all and will continue to keep you in our thoughts. We look forward to hearing about the progess being done over there. Can you give us an update on Ms. Vergie, Tammy and Lisa’s house?
We look forward to visiting and helping out as often as the Lord allows.
God bless you and keep you
Schriever Baptist Church
Schriever, Louisiana