Park Valley Church

Park Valley Church

Park Valley Church of Gainesville, Virginia worked in Lakeshore the week I attended the Together for the Gospel Conference. I heard nothing but fabulous reports about this energetic team. Like all the groups who have flooded through our area, they worked hard, in the relief, recovery, and rebuilding efforts. They served as Christ’s hands and feet bringing comfort and hope to our community. We look forward to a return trip. I hate that I missed the opportunity to spend time with them, but our heart felt thanks go out to all who come and serve.

They chronicled the mission trip on their blog, complete with personal insights, pictures, audio, and even a video. Check it out:


Pastor Don,

Thank you for the kind words – we would have loved to have spent time with you, as well.

We will return! This won’t be the last you hear of us.


I am with Park Valley Church. I am interested in coming down again the weekend of June 24, 25, 26. I will be in Pensacola, FL June 22-29. Who should I coordinate with? There may be one or two more coming as well. Thanks!!


You can call my project coordinator, Greg London, at (770) 402-3419 or my administrative assistant, JoEll between 8:00am-3:00pm Monday-Friday at (228) 493-1317.

Thank you for this wonderful piece on the “Virginia team.” We were there when they were, and we were often recipients of their gracious and helpful spirits. I’ve read each of the blog links you gave, and they made us a little ‘heartsick’ to return to Lakeshore 🙂

Our men and our women will be back, but in the meantime we pray for you all each day. We pray for you and your family, JoEll, James, Miss Bea, Sandy and Butch and the kids, John – though we didn’t meet him – just his cats ;-), Miss Lynn, Tammy, and the others we don’t remember by name…

(Is the steeple back up? We left off a few items at the church on our way to the airport early that Sunday morning, and we were pretty saddened to see it down from the storm the night before.)

Thank you, Mark & Park Valley Church, for your Awesome video. This really helped to prepare our team prior to our trip to Lakeshore last week. We could not believe the remaining amount of devastation, nearly 10 months later. We know that God is in full control and we were all richly Blessed to work on several homesites in His Name. Maybe we’ll see you guys down there sometime as we are definitely planning to return!
God Bless,
Paula from Trinity Evangelical (MARYLAND)