Images of May

Stephen Ake trekked From the Mountains to the Gulf Coast to spend another week with us. As usual he provides a insightful recap of his weeks activities and a glimpse into some of the changes since his last trip. Don’t miss the images of Lakeshore in May 2006 from his active camera.

I did not get to spend as much time with Stephen last week as I would have liked. A terrible sinus infection slowed me down quite a bit early in the week. Thursday I preached a Sr. Adult revival at Clifton Baptist Church in Franklinton, LA. With me out of pocket, Stephen kept JoEll company and got her fax machine working finally.

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Bro Don, what a true blessing it was last week. I was part of the Sixth Street Baptist Church team from AL. I had the honor of serving in the kitchen. My husband worked on framing and my 11 year old daughter helped electricians. Our lives are forever changed. The entire Lakeshore area is forever in our hearts. We love you and can’t wait to return in June. By the way – give James a HUG from the AL group.

May our Lord keep sustaining you and everyone there.

Kim Fuller