Week of April 2

People have been begging for updates on the progress being made in our relief and rebuilding efforts in Lakeshore. Here are some of the things we did this past week April 3-8 with the help from volunteer teams from Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, New Jersey, and South Carolina.

  • Framed up Richard’s house on Lakeshore Road.
  • Put a roof on Angela and Dave’s new house.
  • Set the floor beams for Vic and Tammy’s house.
  • Worked in Rich and Angie’s house.
  • Hung sheet rock in Bulla Peterson’s house.
  • Hung and finished sheet rock in the Island’s house.
  • Replaced the windows at the Morran’s and sanded sheet rock.
  • Ripped off and re roofed the Skinner house.
  • Replaced the addition on Violet Patterson’s house.
  • Rewired Bubby and Vicki’s house.
  • Finished putting up the siding on Butch and Sandy’s house.
  • Set a tub in somebody’s house.
  • Cleaned the Livingston’s yard.
  • Did lot’s of work at Freddy’s house.
  • Trimmed the windows in “Aunt Gloria’s house.
  • Hosted a film crew from NAMB.
  • Painted, installed siding, and hung a door for the church vestibule.
  • … and lots more.

I have a flash drive full of pictures from the last 7 days, but I will have to hold off on posting them now. I have a funeral to do this morning and we host an Easter Cantata this afternoon. Five new teams, with nearly 100 volunteers arrive today.

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Hi Brother Don,

Looks like you are making some great progress even with all that remains to do. We continue to pray for you all and that God is
being glorified through both the struggles and victories. Lord willing, we may see you again near the end of June.

God bless,

PS We watched the Christmas DVD twice last night.
What a blessed miracle it was!