T4G Speakers

Yesterday I promised to post a brief blurb on the speakers slated for next weeks Together for the Gospel conference. Each of these men deserve so much more than a quick mention, but I would like to at least note a few things and point people in their direction.

Mark Dever: I first heard Mark Dever a few years ago at a Baptist Distinctives conference hosted by NOBTS. He presented a paper on “Baptists and Elders.” His presentation convinced me of the Biblical model of congregational church polity led by a plurality of elders. Our church began moving in that direction. We have a ways to go, but we desire to be a deliberate church exhibiting the 9 marks of a Healthy Church for the glory of God. The Nine Marks web site provides a wonderful wealth of resources. Especially, don’t miss the interview series.

I would love to see Mark Dever serve as the next president of the Southern Baptist Convention. I do not know if anyone plans to nominate him or if he would accept, but I’ve heard rumors. If his name does appear on the ticket, I may be prompted to attend Greensboro for no other reason but to cast my vote; well… and to hear Dever speak on “Election, the Gospel and Evangelism” at the Founders Fellowship Breakfast … and to hear the Al Mohler / Paige Patterson debate at the Pastor’s Conference… and… well on second thought, I guess this years SBC boasts several reasons to attend.

Ligon Duncan: I’ve listened to several of Ligon Duncan’s sermons preached at a Founder’s Ministry conference. I can’t seem to find where I downloaded the mp3’s. I thought I found them at the South Woods Baptist Church web site, but I do not see them there this morning. What you can find there is a host of excellent sermons by Phil Newton… but I digress. šŸ™‚

C.J. Mahaney: I first heard C.J. Mahaney via mp3 at the Desiring God Conference, Sex and the Supremacy of Christ. Awsome. His book, The Cross Centered Life still sits on my “must read” list. Check out his Sovereign Grace Ministries web site.

Albert Mohler: Just the other day I heard someone accusing Albert Mohler of single handedly spreading Calvinism throughout the Southern Baptist Convention. I do not know if we ought to give him complete credit, but we do owe Dr. Mohler a great debt of gratitude for his work at Southern Seminary, his upholding a high view of scripture, championing conservative causes in a leftward drifting culture, and his rekindling a love for the doctrines of grace among the next generation of Southern Baptist leaders.

John MacArthur: Several years ago, my friend Phil Johnson mailed me a stack of John MacArthur’s books including The Gospel According to Jesus and The Gospel According to the Apostles. These books, along with other God directed influences, drastically transformed my understanding of salvation over the course of a few years. Bookmark the Grace to you web site, buy his books, and subscribe to the GTY podcast.

John Piper: God has used John Piper’s ministry to ignite in my soul an unquenchable desire to spread a passion for the supremacy of Christ over all things for the joy of all peoples. Piper has influenced my thinking probably more than any other person over the last few years. Before the storm, I used to listen to several Piper sermons a week. His Desiring God web site offers a deep well of God besotted material to wet your apatite for an ever increasing all satisfying knowledge of Christ’s magnificent fullness. It will be a joy to hear him in person at T4G..

R.C. Sproul: Theologian and teacher par excellence. Go to Ligonier Ministries.


Pastor Elbourne,

We have never met, but I attended Grace Bible Church for about a year before I moved to my current home in Auburn, AL. I am, therefore, friends with Dave Stephenson, Stephen Ake, and the Lackeys. (Mark Jensen and Nathan White were groomsmen at my wedding.) Anyway, I have not been able to come to Lakeshore this year due to my new job and new marriage, but I am hoping for the chance to finally meet you at the Band of Bloggers and Together for the Gospel conferences.

Hello Pastor Don,

I am Carolyn Touchton’s son and live in Louisville, KY. I am going to Boyce college at Southern Seminary. Anyway, I have heard so much about you and was wondering if I could meet you some time this week when you are up at the TFGC (I’m jealous). You can email me and we can exchange numbers and times if you want. God bless!

– Kendall


I praise the Lord that you are able to get away and attend T4TGospel. I will be praying for your encouragement and edification during this time. It will be special.

On another note, Iā€™m hoping to come down to visit you in the latter portion of May. School for both me and my wife will be out for the first time since Katrina hit as we are taking the summer off. I look forward to seeing first hand all the wonderful things God has been doing in your midst.

Nathan White