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Yesterday I mentioned Bob Thomson’s photo gallery. He reports:

Our team of 25 representing Quinton Baptist, Elmer Baptist, Grace Bible and Pittsgrove Baptist of southern New Jersey visited Lakeshore from Jan.16th to the 23rd.
Our mission trip was a trip we will remember for the rest of our lives.

While there the team was able to improve the compound by adding flush toilets and showers, and doors to the new bathrooms. Our work in the sanctuary included working with another team from Georgia on the new floor and lighting. Bookshelves were made and a rear exit door was completed.
A platform was made and the cross was hung on the wall. We buried a power cable that ran from the supply pole to the metal building for the hot water heater. A new tool shed was established and a concrete cover for the septic system was poured. Work was done on the “box” at James’ site. This included trenches for drain and supply lines to the bathroom and washer. We also manned the kitchen and helped in the store. The kitchen received an operational double sink installation and lighting was completed on the patio.

In the community we spent a lot of time and energy on Magnolia St. We worked on church member’s homes and their neighbors. The Lord blessed Magnolia St. that week with the cutting of trees and limbs, dry walling, and floating. Tear off and new roofs were completed. A tear out of ceiling dry wall, and insulation, removal of shower module and toilet were carted to the roadside. Our roofing crew did another complete roof with building repairs at a site near Rt.90. They also assisted us on a tear off at Aunt Gloria’s home, while another crew brought in 2 loads of new roof shingles and plywood for roof repairs. That job was stopped by rain and the Strongs continued working by carting supplies from the warehouse to the store.

We prayed with your people and handed Bibles to the homeowners. The Lord blessed our churches while we served Him in Lakeshore. Our team was unknown to each other 2 weeks before the trip. But today we are forever bounded by Katrina in the deep South. After our wrap-up breakfast we continue to pray for each other and our families as we get back to our individual routines.

We have called Greg and are in motion planning a return trip to “revisit Lakeshore” in April. God bless you, Pastor Elbourne and the staff at Lakeshore Baptist.

In Him,
Bob Thomson, co-ordinator
Ray McFarland, Troy Ale, Ed Timberman, Pat Strong, Ron Munyan, Patrick Strong, Jr., Ed Jenkins, Bob Strong, Don Stimpson, Chris Strong, Jeff Theis, Lamar Shafer, George Lewis, Sharon Shafer, Jerry Ridgway, Amanda Shafer, Wayne Denlinger, Travis Shafer, Todd Batten, Don Gunning, Mark Powell, Dawn Gunning, Andy Hankin, and Pastor Richard Brennan