Have you been to Lakeshore?

I have met literally thousands of people over the last five months as we continue to recover from hurricane Katrina. Off the top of my head we have seen folks from at least 33 states. I’m sure my quick mental run down has left off several. I can not even begin to list everyone. Someone told me, “you should have kept a journal of everyone who came down to help.” In theory, that sounds like a wonderful suggestion. In reality, I could not keep up with even half the things I “should have” done. I barely had the strength and composure to direct the volunteer hands to the tasks, much less record their visit for posterity.

I have hundreds of business cards and slips of scribbled paper. Trying to match them up with faces and what each team did would prove impossible. So, can you help me out? I’d love to hear from everyone. Please email me with your name, your team members, your church name, web site, full address, phone number, when you came, and a bit of what you did. If you took pictures, I know most everyone did, please forward those along as well. Because my regular church email account can’t handle a glut of pictures, please send them to lakeshorebaptist@gmail.com.

If you came down the first week after the storm, or just last week, let us hear from you. I especially would love for you to do a full write up about your trip, your impressions, and what you saw God doing in Lakeshore. I may even post some of them to the blog.

I know God has thousands more out there who will bless us with their help as we continue to recover and rebuild. We still have a long road ahead of us, but with the aid of so many we rejoice in the sustaining grace that our sovereign God provides. If you have not been to Lakeshore yet, we look for your visit soon. 🙂 Just call Greg London (770) 402-3419 and he will put you on the calendar.