21st Century Church Architecture

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Leonard Sweet gives Ten Commandments of Architecture for the Postmodern Church in his article, “Church Architecture for the 21st Century.” Overlooking my discomfort with his use of the “postmodern” label, I think he makes some interesting recommendations.

10. Thou shalt not make a graven image.
9. Thou shalt not create ugliness.
8. Thou shalt design for all senses.
7. Thou shalt have a sense of place.
6. Thou shalt get real.
5. Thou shalt build a living church.
4. Thou shalt get the church out of doors.
3. Thou shalt love thy setting.
2. Thou shalt build smart churches.
1. Thou shalt create new God-glorifying spaces.

Read the article: Church Architecture for the 21st Century


H. L Menken, once said Americans have a libido for the ugly.
I say this is especially true for ecclesiastical architecture, these past 50 years.