Crowded Quonset

Crowded Quonset

Last week some of the guys from Grace Bible Church made another trip down to help. Stephen Ake tells about Recent Lakeshore developments and his Saturday at Lakeshore. He also posted another set of great pictures, including one of our crowded quonset hut. Its hard to squeeze 100+ people into a 24X50 rounded wall tent. Lord willing, we will have our 38X100 metal building up soon.


We have about 200 hymnals we would be glad to ship to you (All-American hymnal). They are in good shape but do have the name of the church on them. If you can’t use them, do you know of anyone who can?
Also have about 100 “Hymns of Faith” hymnals in good condition.
Let me know if you can use them. We’re praying for you folks!
Dave Smith

A group of us from Bogalusa were there this particular Sunday……As I stood in the very back….I was amazed at the many people there….I counted 112 that I could see in the tent, I am sure I missed a few heads I couldnt see or little children. The crowd was pretty amazing.

It was wonderful to see the progress made since we left Lakeshore; thank you Stephen for the great shots. We are so encouraged by the faith of your community and the outpouring of love from God’s family to serve your needs. We will count you amoung our blessings this year;what an honor to know you all. We praise our loving Father who works all things together for our good!
Mark and Marlyn Brokenshire