Before the storm I dreamed about a day when our new fellowship hall could serve as a coffee shop like community gathering place, complete with an internet connection. Its not exactly what I envisioned, but now thanks to the good folks at Radio Response, we now have internet access at the Lakeshore Baptist Church property. We don’t have comfortable couches, or even a building yet, but we serve as a wifi hot spot and if you stop by my camper or the quonset hut, I may even have some coffee brewing.


Pastor Don, been trying to reach you for sometime. Request liasion contact with list of needed items that can be drop shipped to the churchs address. Its a long haul out from Tucson. You and our brothers and sisters in Christ have been in our continued prayers.

It was a blessing to be able to come and help for a few days. We will never forget 9-14 November 2005, we never seen GOD work as HE did in this community. Everyone was pulling together to clean up and help each other. When something was needed, it appeared that afternoon or the next morning. The SWEET,SWEET SPIRIT of the people of Lakeshore Baptist church will always be in our heart. We will be back to help and visit again. George & Kathy