Christmas in Lakeshore

When hurricane Katrina pounded Lakeshore, leaving nothing but rubble and debris, most residence could not even bring themselves to try to imagine Christmas four short months later. A week or so after the storm, one man even told me, as he looked around at the the debris of our ruined church buildings, “we can’t have Christmas in this.”

With the tireless energetic passion God has placed in the heart of Pam Lackey from Grace Bible Church, Christmas in Lakeshore proves to be an exciting time of impossible provision pointing to the goodness and grace of our sovereign God. Let Pam give you a glimpse of what she has planned:

Undeniably, God is doing a great work in Lakeshore and if you are reading this web site you’d like to be a part of that great work, too.  Christmas in Lakeshore will not resemble what was but what God can do in His Sovereignty this year.  The following is a sketch of our plan for Lakeshore’s Christmas:

  • We will set up a free gift center modeled after a store. Parents may then pick out toys for their children and put them on lay-a-way until Christmas Eve. 
  • As the parents leave, they will be given tabletop Christmas trees, a box of decorations, and a wreath with a hanger, Christmas stockings, a container of Cookies in a Jar and a small battery-powered CD player with a Christmas CD.
  • The parents will choose gifts cards from one of the following for their teenagers:  Goody’s, Best Buy and Old Navy.
  • Coffee, hot cider and Christmas goodies will be served to the parents as they shop.
  • While the parents are shopping, their preschool and elementary children will be attending a Christmas Party Workshop.  The children will be making Christmas crafts, using coupons to redeem inexpensive gifts for their parents while helpers assist in wrapping their gifts for them.
  • On Christmas Eve, the parents will pick up the lay-a-way gifts, teenager gifts cards and also be given Super-Wal-Mart gift cards for themselves. In addition to the gifts, they will receive a pre-cooked honey baked ham or a pre-cooked turkey and a box containing all the ingredients for a Christmas dinner.  We would also like to send each family home with an electric fry skillet and a crockpot.

Visit for more information on how you can be a part of this exciting holiday season relief and recovery effort to the glory of God.

Contact: Pam Lackey
Home: (678) 880-0157
Cell: (678) 860-0448


I’m a resident of Lakeshore and found this article to be interesting with upcoming holiday events; however you did not specify when this would be taking place, except for that items could be picked up on Christmas Eve. When would this activity be taking place? You can email me back at or call my Fema trailer at 228-463-2341. May you have a blessed holiday season.

Jamie Moran

What a joy to have been able to meet Greg London, and just rejoice with him about all that is being done, and how God brings special people together with much in common.
Our Church (Cypress Shores Baptist, Mobile Alabama) has been able to send over needed items on two occasions. We have lots in common since our area here was devastated also. Everything we were sent..lakeshore was able to benefit also from it all. Our last effort was a 24 foot truck that Greg drove over himself, and help us load up with needed items for cold weather and also for the Christmas season. Our hearts swell with joy for all that God has done to bring us all together in His body, and to bring good in what satan would love evil. God bless you all, and keep us posted. We still want to come over and help with construction, and maybe get to worship there on holy ground with you fine folks. In HIM who makes the heaven shine! Janie Johnson