Water and Ice

Come and drink

For more great pictures, see Stephen Ake’s Hurricane Katrina photo gallery.

Our greatest need right now is to keep the water and ice flowing. With people still sleeping in tents awaiting their FEMA campers the Lakeshore community depends upon the ice and drinking water being distributed through EOC. As of yesterday the volunteers manning the distribution pod returned home. Either Lakeshore Baptist Church must find a volunteer staff of 4-5 people to man the pod daily for the next four weeks or the ice distribution will discontinue. We need your help.

This morning our team from New Jersey stepped in, but they must head home this afternoon. (I’ll try to post about these great guys later) We are trying to coordinate locals for the effort, but that proves more difficult than you can imagine. Our local people struggle to survive daily themselves, as they clean the ruined remains of their homes from their property, live in very difficult conditions, care for their children and try to bring their lives at least one step closer to normalcy.

We also need volunteers to sort the mountains of clothing we want to distribute to the community, volunteers to work our food and supply relief center, volunteers to work heavy equipment, volunteers to clear debris from property, and volunteers to do pretty much anything you can think of. If you would like to come down and lend a hand please contact our project coordinator, Greg London at (770) 402-3419.


Pastor Elbourne, I know it sounds crazy to write this (as wife and mother of a home that misses their husband and dad very much, since this is his second relief trip in a month, and he’s been gone awhile), I wish they could stay. I really do. Know our heavy hearts are knit with yours, and we are praying, and seeking God for what more we can do.
Love in Him,
Bill Breckenridge’s wife (Donna-Jean)