Vic Geauthreaux

Vic Geauthreaux

Like many houses and camps near the gulf, Vic’s house sat atop 14 foot stilts. About a half mile from the beach, in the picture, Lynn, Vic, and I stand where wide wooden steps used to lead up to his front porch. A balcony walked all the way around both sides to a back porch. Vic has not cleared his property. Katrina left nothing to clear. The water didn’t simply push the house from its perch. It completely washed it away. We looked for miles for the remains of his house and found nothing but a few miscellaneous items. If you did not know a house stood there, nothing but the concrete drive way and wooden pillars suggest it. Vic, his wife Tammy, and Lynn live in tents while they await their long promised FEMA camper and make plans on where to go from here.


All of us from the Red Cross that had the pleasure of meeting Vic, Tammy and many others at Lakeshore Baptist say Hi. We will be back to help soon.

May God bless you all,

John White

As for all who have fallen victim to hurricane Katrina I hope that they get the help that they need and nothing but the best for their future.

God bless you

// Heidi