Quonset Huts

Quonset Huts

This past Sunday, October 16, we began worshiping in our newly erected quonset hut. I gave a brief summery of our building plans in a previous post, A Place of Worship. My friend, Nathan White, posted his impressions of the Lord’s Day in Lakeshore. I was humbled by his account and I praise God that threw our weakness, the Lord proves himself strong. Nathan wrote:

The Lord’s faithfulness fails not, as many have seen the ‘new song’ of this pastor, many have seen the ‘established steps’ of this congregation, and many will ‘see it and fear, and will trust in the Lord’ because of it. Myself being among them.

Read Nathan’s full post: The Lord’s Day in Lakeshore.


It is truly amazing to see what the Lord can do through His church here on earth. I went down to Lakeshore last week with Grace Bible Church and I am still amazed at the clear impact and the incredible opportunities that the church now has to unashamedly spread the gospel of Christ. I am even more amazed at the response from the Lakeshore community, and the ways in which the Lord has opened many of them to hear the Gospel. I still pray that the Lord will be glorified by the work of Lakeshore Baptist Church, and I’m hoping for another opportunity to come back down and help out where needed.

p.s. I do have the pictures I took from last week on my website – go here to see them if you want.

Dear Don,Courney, Bea and all those being fed and upheld by the LIVING CHURCH OF GOD located on the site of Lakeshore Baptist Church,

The news and media may have forgotten you but our Savior Jesus Christ has not. He is stirring the hearts of His children all over the country and your church will rise again to glorify our Mighty Lord. It was an honor to work with you through Friends Disaster services. I know you found it hard to realize folks from Yorba Linda California would come 2000 miles to work by your side in Mississippi but when God puts a calling on your heart you cannot stay put. We were all so blessed to work by your side.
We put out a request for financial support as well as a request for 1000 blankets and 6oo bath towels, items we found in short supply while working there. We have had wonderful response. Be prepared to recieve a shipment prior to Thanksgiving. Our goal is to have our group in Wiggins receive them at the train station and bring them down to you. And this is just the beginning. We are standing in the gap with you and will not forget what we’ve experienced.
Keep on perserving in His name; this battle is already won through His precious blood. May He receive all the glory and honor for your faithfulness.
Mark and Marlyn Brokenshire
Canyon Hill Friends Church