Grace Partners

If you followed my blog before the storm, you might recall a couple of controversial entries concerning “Johnny Hunt on Election” and a follow up entitled “Johnny Hunt, Election, and Mathew 18.” Through those discussions I met Nathan White, a member of Grace Bible Church near Atlanta. When his pastor, Dave Stephenson, expressed an interest in their church helping a sister church hit hard by Katrina, Nathan pointed them to us.

Wasting no time, the church loaded a truck with much needed supplies and sent Greg London to Lakeshore. Greg has become my right hand in the recovery efforts. He has already made three trips and plans to be here again tomorrow morning with another team from Grace Bible Church.

Nathan and Pastor Dave came down last week. Nathan posted to his blog before coming down and then again after his Trip to Lakeshore. His buddy Colin accompanied the team and you can also read Colin’s account. They have several pictures, so check out their sites.