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Water on Painters Street

For the last three weeks I’ve been talking about Lakeshore where Katrina destroyed all our church member’s homes as well as all the church buildings. I live (lived) about 45 minutes from Lakeshore MS in New Orleans LA. Today I have a chance to get into the city and check on my house for the first time. I do not know what we might find. The 75 year old Gentilly Terrace home sits above sea level up on a pre-lake levee berm. Its hard to tell whether that was high enough to keep it dry while most of the city got saturated. The online interactive New Orleans Flood Map indicated nearly 6 feet of water in our street, and over 3 feet in my back yard, which represents a 1000 square foot average. The aerial picture above shows water at least up to front door. Did it rise over the steps leading to the porch? I don’t know. I’ll find out in a few hours. If the water did get in, even a foot, we will have three weeks of mold growth to deal with. The muck could have easily taken my entire library. Enough speculation – time to hit the road.

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