Lakeshore on CNN

Lakeshore on CNN

CNN featured Lakeshore MS Tuesday night in a piece called “Forgotten Town.” Gary Tuchman narrates:

You’ve probably never heard of the tiny town of Lakeshore Mississippi, but you are unlikely to forget about it now; because no place was hit harder by hurricane Katrina. The homes in this coastal town have simply been blown away. Block after block of nothingness. Piles of rubble covering the memories of family lives…

People from here are still missing. Prayers for them are being offered behind a steeple that was recovered from a decimated church.

Tuchman interviews a few folks and shows just a small glimpse of the devastation. The camera pans across some of the destruction and then to our blue tarp make-shift shelter and our salvaged steeple. You can watch the video on the CNN web site.


I’ve received your name and address from Ken Whitton. I’m from West Congregational Church in Haverhill, Massachusetts. I got Ken’s name off a web site.
My church wants to adopt a church for a minimum of three years. I would like our families to adopt this churches’ families.
We want to make several trips down to do whatever needs to be done.
I am hoping our adopted church families will make lists of what they need. Then we can bring it down. We also want to do construction work.
We can bring our own food and housing. We will bring our music. We will bring vey large hearts and strong shoulders. Our arms are in the need of giving strong comfort.
We will bring God’s word. We have started collecting bibles.
We are waiting on God to give us a church.
Can you help?
We are hoping to make our first trip the first week of December.
I would like to come down before to get a feel for everything. This way, when the crew gets there, we can hit the ground running.
You all have waited too long already for assistance.
I understand you are having trouble with your computers. I will wait for your reply. We are meeting again Oct. 11. Hopefully, I will have heard from you by then. We need to get this fund raising and planning into full swing quickly.
Waiting to hear from you.
God Bless,
Carolyn Costantino
226 Lincoln Ave.
Haverhill, Mass. 01830

Hey Don,

Its Roger Willis from Simi Valley, CA. I wanted to see the CNN video clip you had saved on your web site. But CNN says it no longer availalbe. Did you save it somewhere?

Stay faithful,

In Christ,


My father lost his home in Lakeshore, MS. He is determined to move back and rebuild in his area he misses and loves so much. I’m going to do whatever and I can to help make this happen. He has asked for nothing from anyone as a result of this horrible storm. If anyone knows of any organization that can help him get back on his feet, please let us know. If we can just get him introduced to a charity organization, it is a step.

Also, anyone know how I can get a copy of that CNN report on Lakeshore?

Thanks and God Bless.