Katrina Pictures

Hurricane Katrina completely destroyed our church buildings. The front part of the roof landed across the parking lot. We found the steeple in the back corner of the property, and the baptistery ended up across the street. I have several more pictures but these will have to do for tonight.


That’s certainly quite a mess. Thank God your people are all safe.

I’d have been the idiot sitting in the church when the storm hit thinking nothing bad can happen in a church…

I just read where the Christian group,
“Seventh Day Slumber” wants to do free
concerts for the people who have lost their homes in the hurricane. If anyone wants them to come to a shelter to sing, FREE, they
will…..check out their website…
May God continue to watch over you and your family

so sorry… i know the Lord has His plan, he runs ahead of us!He doess not want us to suffer, he wants us to have good future! I know this sounds crazy, but maby something good will come of this terible tragedy!All my love and condolencess! God Bless! My prayers and thoughts are with you and all that have sufferd.