JoEll needs a car

JoEll's house and car

Our pianist, JoEll Fricke lost everything in the storm. Pictured above, you can see her house collapsed on top of her car. Her and her husband Geb just finished renovating the house and we had scheduled a church fellowship in their home the day before Katrina hit. We canceled the fellowship to evacuate. When the time comes I hope to have volunteers willing to lend her and Geb a hand in rebuilding their house. For now, JoEll really needs a car.

We found the church piano, that JoEll has played for years, in the woods across the road from where the church used to be. My pulpit laid beside it, surrounded by other rubble. We found the top of the piano about a hundred yards away.

JoEll's piano

I could not begin to tell you how much of a blessing JoEll has been to me and Lakeshore Baptist Church over the years. Her leadership in our Vacation Bible School musical highlights every summer. She always has an encouraging word for me. She volunteers for everything. Pictured below she wraps a shoe box for Operation Christmas Child. Her two beautiful children Gabrielle and “little Geb” are such a blessing. She is like a sister to me. I know it may be asking a lot, but I’d really love to provide her a means of transportation. If anyone would like to donate her a vehicle please call her at (228) 493-1317.


Update: The Lord provides! A gracious church in the Chicago area donated us a car and we passed it along to JoEll. Now they need a house.

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Well, I’m not really sure of how to start this. My name is Carrie Brown, Joell’s first cousin, from Louisiana. For the first time in my life I was never so scared in all my life, but happy to hear Joell’s voice on Monday August 29, 2005, to know that she was okay. It was never so upsetting to think that I just couldn’t put my arm around her to comfort her in her time of need. My heart literally ached in pain know I had no contact for quite some time. I thank God that after days of beging her to leave for the hurricane she did. My pain even grew heavier when she call me to tell she just lost everything. They have worked so hard to get where they are on their own. My son, Brett, usually goes there for a week during the summer. This summer was especially rare, he got to stay longer. His memories will always be with him but I’m sure it will never be forgotten of what happen to his “Cissy” house. If anyone should so deservingly be helped, it should be her. She has dedicated her life to teaching the word of God to her childern and others. I have visited this church so many times…even as a child. It was always so warm and cozie. I am sorry for your lost. I have decicated all of my resources to help her and her family. I only wish at times that I could do more. My husband has been so wonderful and has never batted an eye at what ever I have had to do for them. He has really stepped up to the plate and allowed me to be the “rock” that she needs at times. You see, I’ve never had a sister but I sure feel like she is mine. I can never thank you enough for posting this and helping her get back on her feet. I am also trying to get her a car too. I have a friend that has a small auto buisness and is looking for her something as we speak. Something dependable but in great shape. Once again, I could never thank all of you so very much for helping this family. May God Bless each and every one of you. Be Blessed and always have faith. God is Good!!
Carrie Brown