Jimmy Draper Visits Lakeshore

Dr. James T. Draper Jr.

Yesterday, Jimmy Draper and his entourage surveyed the Hurricane Katrina damage along the gulf coast of Mississippi. Dr. Draper serves as president of Lifeway Christian Resources, the publishing arm of the Southern Baptist Convention. He stopped by our church and I had the pleasure of sharing with him a little of what God has done through Lakeshore Baptist Church over the 11 years I’ve been pastor and what we feel God will continue to do in the wake of this devastating storm. Dr. Draper wanted us to know that Lifeway pledges a strong commitment to help us rebuild and continue working for the cause of Christ.

I pointed out the strewn remains of our buildings as we stood on the cement slab. I showed him the mud splattered pulpit we drug out of the woods. I was humbled to have Dr. Draper wrap his arm around me as we stood in the shadow of a cross constructed out of the floor beams of our demolished building and have him pray for me and God’s continued ministry in Lakeshore.

We have been blessed by Lifeway over the years, especially through Sunday School and Vacation Bible School material. Lifeway also sells pews, pre-fabricated baptisteries, and other furnishings. They will provide a wonderful resource as we rebuild our buildings to minister and proclaim the gospel of God’s sovereign grace to even more people than before.


Don, how is it that a guy who looks like he’s 25 has been pastoring for 11 years and has a gazillion post-graduate degrees?

If yoru peopel start bottling that water down there, you might be able to claim the fountain of youth.


Good to ‘see’ you again dear brother. We, too, have been working to recover from Slidell being beaten by Katrina albeit not as catastrophic as Lakeshore. We have resources available to us that we can use to help you as well. Let me know how we may assist.

(985) 863-5433 – (985) 768-9934

I agree with Bassenco. I think its time we do a little investigating reporting on Bro. Don.

Thanks for letting us visit with you last Thursday. I appreciate the opportunity more than I can say. I am sending you a new bible that I pray you will enjoy using. Let me know how we can do more. When you decide how you can handle some new books, let me know and I’ll see that you get a good “starter set” to help replace your old library.