Church in Exile.

Lakeshore Baptist Church exists in exile. They are scattered from Texas to Florida, even up to New Jersey and I’m not sure where all else. Let me share one email I received from Jeni.

We love you and miss all of you so much.

All family is accounted for and all is safe. Still tracking down friends, co-workers, and anyone we know. We were at Stennis for shelter along with the Lizana family. Lakeshore is mostly gone, whats left standing I don’t think is salvagable. All of my family has left the shelter and is living with relatives for a while. You or anyone else can reach me at 609-266-8336 or the physical address is 705 W Shore Drive, Brigantine, NJ 08203.

Mart, Tyler and I are staying with my sister. We are just off the coast of Atlantic City. We will be here until the property is cleaned and we have electricity. We see alot of good in all this and we are so thankful to God for everyone we have, and for keeping us safe throughout this entire ordeal. Even traveling the 21 hours it took to get here was dangerous. My youngest brother and his finace’ is here, along with my Dad. My mother is flying in tonight, her husband stayed to clean up for now.

Annette (Trina’s sister) was caught in the storm, but managed to survive. Mrs. Arlene was going to Trina’s aunt’s house in the Kiln last I saw her. If you could please post everyone’s where about for us. I’m keeping in touch with Mrs. Arlene’s sister-in-law, so I’ll let you know when I hear more infromation. For now you can reach us at this email address or you may call collect at any time. You may post my info for all the rest. If you could, please post name, number, location, and if there is anything needed. This is the information I am gathering trying to keep up with family members. There were 42 family members in the shelter with us. Randy and Judy Ladner (Chere’s parents) were with us along with here brother, his wife and their children. Ray and Karen Ladner (Mrs. Arlene’s brother) along with his wife and their son.

Mart’s cousin, Eric Moran one of the constable’s for Hancock and a few others went out right after the storm. They took some boats and started making rescue’s. This went on all through the night. Stennis the shelter we were in would not let us bring in any refugee’s. It was so hard on us knowing that they were suffering and there was nothing that we could do. We had went to Denham Springs to get gas and supplies when the rioting started there. By the time we got back to the shelter, rumor had it that people were starting to steal gas out of our cars. We left out immediately.

I heard today that Lakeshore was receiving relief. Army barracks are set up at the Wal-Mart in Waveland and Gulfview School is a distirbution center.

My sister has a benefit scheduled for the 18th, she is running ads, selling tickets, holding an auction and gathering as much stuff as she can. I’ll try to email you often to stay in touch.

Love to all,
Mart, Jeni & Tyler Ward

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Don, if I can help you rebuild your church sometime in the next year or so, feel free to get a hold of me to do so. I’m around Mobile looking for a part-time job while I wait to see if I’m going to get back into N.O. in January. Still trying to take some classes- the TDS classes. You can get me at joseph.l.kennedy [at] Later bro. Take care.

P.S. I understand what it means to be the church in exile. We are all the church scattered right now. Maybe we need to look at it as the Jerusalem scattering to Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth. Seize the opportunity. Peace man.