Ramblin’ Road Trip!

Ramblin’ Road Trip

This Monday our church, Lakeshore Baptist, sets out on a VBS cross-country adventure. Pack your bags and get ready to cruise “Route 254.” As ramblers (a.k.a. kids) cruise along “Route 254”, better known as Psalm 25:4, kids will see natural wonders, big cities, theme parks, and more as they discover how God directs their entire journey. With God as their guide they will move toward the ultimate destination-a relationship with Jesus!

From Baptist Press:

The cross-country venture will take VBSers along “Route 254” from Destination Worship in Washington, D.C., to Destination Thankfulness in Chicago, through Destination Salvation in Lebanon, Kan., (the geographic center of the United States), past Destination Belief in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming and finally to Destination Obedience at Knott’s Berry Farm in Southern California.

“Show Me! Teach Me! Guide Me!” — the VBS motto — sets the stage for the week’s jaunt.

As they ramble across the country, children will discover that the daily choices they make affect all their other journeys through life. By choosing God as their guide, they are sure to arrive at their ultimate destination — a relationship with Jesus Christ.

“Each day and at each destination, the children will be presented with biblical truths,” said Mary Katharine Hunt, LifeWay’s VBS division project manager. “One thing that is absolutely true about all our VBS material is the presentation of Scripture. Everything, all the fun stuff, always relates back to the Bible story.”

The overall Scripture for the Ramblin’ Road Trip is Psalm 25:4-5: “Make your ways known to me, Lord; teach me Your paths. Guide me in Your truth and teach me, for You are the God of my salvation” (HCSB). This verse will remind children to think of God as their guide as they travel through their own life adventures.

Lord willing, I’ll have pictures and comments to share as we trek through Vacation Bible School next week. Please pray for us that we will have a good turn out, that things will go according to God’s plan, and that Jesus Christ will glorify himself through our efforts in the eyes of these children and their family’s to the praise of his glorious grace.


The logo certainly is cool! I’ll be praying for you, the VBS staff, and the kids. BTW I did a double take on your link “SBC Resolution On Exercising Religious Freedom and Freedom of Speech” I read it as “SBC Resolution On Exercising!”

Pretty funny. Maybe wouldn’t be a bad idea either.


So, what did you think of the material? Personally, I thought that having the lesson on “choosing” Jesus as our Lord and Savior before the lesson on “choosing” to believe that God is real did not only wreak of Arminianism, but also went out of logical order.