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Derek Webb Shane and Shane Todd Agnew Jars of Clay 12 Stones Passion: Hymns Ancient and Modern Switchfoot Steven Delopoulos Sandra McCracken Caedmon's Call U2 Sarah Kelly

Steve McCoy of the Emergeing SBC Leaders blog asked people to sound off concerning their current personal music favorites. He laid down a bunch of rules and regulations as to how our selections should be presented, what qualified as a legitimate answer to his direct question, and other miscellaneous criteria. Steve sure sets forth a lot of rules for an emergent type. 🙂

I bucked Steve’s rules and posted, in no particular order, a dozen of my current favorites above, with links to the artists respective web sites. I guess if I had to select just one, it would be Shane and Shane’s CD, Clean. For months I have not been able to get the chorus, “By grace you have been saved through faith” out of my head – not that I would want to. I pretty much love the whole CD, but another favorite would be “God Did” based on Romans 8:3.

God Did

Growin up I overheard
All the grown ups sayin
You better be prayin
And sayin
All the right little things
At the right little times
And I had it down
At least on the outside
I’d put my best side forward
I could smile with the best
And dress like the rest
Of the messed up church folk singin a song

Are you sitting down
With all your sin and shame all stored up
Are you ready to live
For what the law could not do
God did

Could it be that morality
Got the best of you and me
Got us thinking
That we’re on the brink
Of a drink of the cup that’s all filled up
With the cross havin even a little to do with us
It was His day
It was His way
to the glory of His grace
Took our disease
Enough to please
The Father of lights
To bruise Jesus

Maybe dos and don’ts
Were made to show
How much we do
And ever make it

Are you sitting down
With all your sin and shame all stored up
Are you ready to live
For what the law could not do
God did


Don, I am still listening to the Jars of Clay CD you recommended some time ago.



I’ve been a long time U2 fan, I guess all the way back to “Joshua Tree.” They’ve done a few projects I haven’t been crazy about over the years, but I really like the latest two, “Beautiful Day” and “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb.”

Hey Don I had some extra time and was reading some old posts (this one). I love Beautiful Day.

There is also a guy who teaches at NOBTS, who release a instrumental jazz–CD. I love it. The songs are old favorite hymns for the most part.