Church LAN Parties

I listen to a lot of mp3 sermons. I recently decided to check out a few podcasts to add to my walking regiment. I found a cool one called “God in Tech” hosted by Mike Norton. The show deals with the use of technology in ministry and the Christian life. Mike serves as pastor of a Southern Baptist Church in California.

In one of the first three podcasts, the guys mentioned their Gamers Ministry. I’m not a gamer myself, but I am somewhat of a geek, so they sparked my interest with their mention of church hosted LAN parties. To get some more info I fired off a few recorded questions and Mike used them on his God in Tech – GMTech Show No 4. Accompanied by his wife, Mike explained the basics of a LAN party, offered experienced advice on avoiding potential problems, and discussed equipment needs, promotion, and planning. He promises to go into even more detail on some of the specifics in future shows.

Mike also does Devotions 4 Gamers, another podcast worth checking out.


Hey Don, thanks for the post regarding our show. I hope and pray it will be informative to others out there.

One correction in your post 🙂 Im in California not Seattle. At the moment im sure the weather is cooler up there than here but the Lord has me planted here.

Thanks again, hope to hear from you some more. We need questions.

Thanks Mike. I do not know why I had in my head you were in Seattle. 🙂 I edited the post. What church do you serve out there? Do you have a church web site?

Keep up the good work.

Don and Mike,
Fascinating stuff!I’m really kind of blown away by this. I look forward to learning more about how technology can be used in ministry.

Bless you both!