The ONE Campaign

ONE - Make poverty history.

“WE BELIEVE that in the best American tradition of helping others help themselves, now is the time to join with other countries in a historic pact for compassion and justice to help the poorest people of the world overcome AIDS and extreme poverty. WE RECOGNIZE that a pact including such measures as fair trade, debt relief, fighting corruption and directing additional resources for basic needs – education, health, clean water, food, and care for orphans – would transform the futures and hopes of an entire generation in the poorest countries, at a cost equal to just one percent more of the US budget. WE COMMIT ourselves – one person, one voice, one vote at a time – to make a better, safer world for all.”


I’m all for helping the poor, but its individuals, not governments, that ought to do it.


What is this ONE organization. I must admit that whenever I see something like this I generally assume that it is anti-American.

So I confess, I’ve pre-judged it.



You can follow the link to to read more about the campaign. Here is a Letter From Rick Warren throwing his support behind the initiative. Other well known Christians like Billy Graham, John Stott, Pat Robertson, Jars of Clay, third Day, and Michael W. Smith” have also signed on.