NSBC Web Site

Natural Steps Baptist Church
For years I’ve believed that every church should have a web site. I know that many churches do not have the financial or technical resources to maintain an elaborate extensive dynamic web presence, but a simple site with basic information ought to be posted online. I could go into along rant about the advantages and essentials, but I’ll save that for another day. 🙂 I just wanted to an ounce that I have just created a simple page for a friends church. Check out Natural Steps Baptist Church in Roland Arkansas. My friend, Pastor Jeff Thomas, asked me to put together a simple site containing the church name, staff, contact information, location, and a blurb he wrote. Google and other search engines should pick up on the site and index it soon. Then, folks looking for a church in the Roland Arkansas area or anyone needing directions, service times etc, will be able to easily find this info online.


I just used a plain text editor and typed the HTML code by hand.