StudentLife Tour 2005

This past weekend my wife and I accompanied our teenagers as we caught the StudentLife Tour 2005 in Baton Rouge. Shane & Shane led in God-centered worship, the AT2AP crew provided compelling drama, and David Nasser spoke. From end to end I enjoyed the weekend thoroughly, and so did our kids.

Shane & Shane’s grace saturated “Clean” CD gets a lot of play time in our car, so I looked forward to worshiping with them live. They did not disappoint. My son, who prefers a more punk sound, didn’t particularly care for the worship genre style, but my daughter is praying for him about that. 🙂 She loved it.

When I heard a drama team would be a part of the weekend, I expected some cheep skits thrown in for comic relief. They surprised me with a rich plot performance that highlighted the weekends theme; “When love takes you in”. A troubled teen who had been tossed between foster homes his entire life broke into a art gallery, cracked the owner over the head, and robbed him at gun point. In court the judge pronounced the criminal guilty, but the gallery owner stepped in, dropped the charges, and adopted the boy as his son. The rest of the drama scenes, spattered through the weekend, followed the new family through their struggles and victories allegorically mirroring the Christian life. My son smiled and said the drama made up for the music.

I enjoyed everything, but David Nasser impressed me the most. He exploded the myth that teenagers won’t stand for expository preaching as he led us through Ephesians 2:1-10 in his three theologically thick talks. He kept the packed 1,700 seat auditorium on the edge of their seats with his edgy humor and doctrinally solid messages on Justification, Sanctification, and the Glory of God. Apparently, Nasser has not surrendered to “The Pelagian Captivity of the Church.” He presented a clear monergistic gospel and no emotionally manipulative invitations. Based on what I saw this weekend, I highly recommend StudentLife.

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Don, I had the privilege of having dinner with Shane & Shane at GMA one year–they are very nice guys and I really like their music.

Has your son heard any Relient K or Stellar Kart?