Christian DJ Fired

Marty Minto

“Christian” radio station WORD-101.5 FM in Pittsburgh fired talk show host Marty Minto for discussing the recently deceased Pope’s final destiny. In an answer to a caller’s question, Minto expressed doubts concerning Pope John Paul II’s entrance into heaven. The three year running show, “Talking Truth with Marty Minto” asked, “Can You Handle The Truth?” From the sound of things the stations management answered with a “no.” The Pittsburgh Tribune Review reports the firing .

“As far as I’m concerned, I was doing what I’ve always done on the radio — look at events around the world from a biblical perspective,” said Minto. “I’ve always been willing to talk about controversial subjects.” Apparently, the biblical way of salvation proved too controversial for the Pittsburgh station who didn’t want to “alienate listeners” with references to John 3.

“I said the question of whether a person is born again is something personal, something between an individual and the Creator,” Minto said. “I believe it was a legitimate topic to discuss.” General manager Chuck Gratner disagreed.

In the days following the Pope’s demise, many rightly lauded the pontiffs’ “courageous stand against Communism, his bold defense of human dignity and human life, and his robust and substantial defense of truth in the face of postmodernism,” but most evangelicals covered their mouth’s when it came to the question of whether those good deeds could merit God’s favor. After all, if anyone could be justified by their own moral goodness, surely John Paul II would be a shoe-in. (Galatians 3:10-14) At least that’s what the theological silence seemed to be saying to millions as leading evangelical voices hit the mute button on the protestant reformation.

Minto said, “I made it clear that the discussion was not an attack on the character of the pope but, rather, a look at the teachings — not only of John Paul, but the Catholic Church in general.” Reformed protestants believe that God grants salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, to the glory of God alone. The Roman Catholic Church denounces that theological affirmation and anathematizes any one who holds to it. Its a sad day when a so-called “Christian” radio station deems the heart of the gospel as off limits for discussion.


Marty Minto once had a radio show here in Albany NY. He went National. Now, he has NO SHOW.
I’d love to HEAR what was actually discussed. If somebody posts it on the Net, please leave the URL in my “Comments” section on my blog.

The Lord Jesus Christ said that we are to call no one “father” because there is only one father, one father in Christianity, and that father is NOT a human being. It is God the Father! He is the Father!

After all it was the Founder of Christianity, the One who appointed Peter to be one of his apostles. who introduced the idea of God being Father. And he did this on the basis that God was HIS father and so, therefore, God could also be father to all those who have put their faith in Jesus Christ, whose Father is God.

God was not father to human beings before Christ came to live and to teach on the earth. It was Christ who gave his Father to be our Father.

So, therefore, it is unrighteous for a man or for a system run by human beings to ignore Christ’s statement that we are to call no one “father” within Christianity.

God himself said that “I only am holy”. Yet each pope, and John Paul II no less than all those who went before him, allow themselves to be called “Holy” Father

Clearly, if one believes that God said that no human being should be called “holy” nor “father”, then one believes that the pope is in active opposition to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Since God the Father and Jesus Christ is One, then to be in opposition to God is to be in opposition to Jesus Christ.

Since salvation depends on a person’s relationship to Jesus Christ, whether it is a relationship of righteousness or of unrighteousness, then a person, whether in the gutter of life or living in a palace, is unrighteous if they disregard the instructions of Jesus Christ and do this so publicly and perisistently over 25 years.

There is nothing unrighteous in heaven!

I live in Pittsburgh, and the whole city has been in a buzz over this. But the local Catholic diocese reportedly did not have as much of a problem with it as did the general manager, who is Catholic himself.

In this particular case, I believe that everything Minto said was clearly biblical, and I respect him for having the courage to respond in that manner. I’m sure he knew that it might be controversial–we live in a predominately Catholic area.

However, I will say that he is also known for sometimes being argumentative and trying to deliberately push buttons. I listen to WORD FM and have bristled sometimes at his comments. Occasionally I think he has done more harm than good as far as being a witness to our community. He could stand to add some gentleness and respect to his responses.

I listened to Marty Minto almost every day. I think the problem was that on the day of PJP11’s funeral, Marty seemed obsessive about confronting Catholic doctrine. Dialog is great, but often he seemed to ridicule Catholic theology. Actually Catholics do not believe one can earn heaven through good works. Catholics believed we are only saved by the death of Jesus Christ and the grace He gives to us. However, faith without works is dead. If one is a true disciple, we will know it by the fact he keeps the commandments. After all, Satan “believed” in Christ, but did not love him or want to follow him. Good works are the manifestation of a true disciple and believer.

If Marty or anyone else so quick to pass judgement on any human being, spent a few hours reading any of the beautiful writings of Pope John Paul II (from his Christian plays and poetry to theological and moral writings), he might realize that Karol Wajtoyla (his name given at birth) truly did die to himself that others might came to now Christ through his life of love and service. He was a man who had a deep personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He was a man who inspired and whose example and words continue to inspire many to surrender their lives to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

We are all called to be HOLY. Any Christian who is honored at any moment to be described as holy, is merely reflecting the grace of Jesus Christ present in their lives. The call to Holiness is put forth to all Christians (Hebrews 12:14).

And I believe only God the Father can judge any of us on our faith and on our response to the call to holiness.

May we all discover our Lord more as we pursue truth and respond to the call to holiness. May all Christians pray more together than condemn one another.

With peace in the truth of Jesus Christ, with joy in the gift of knowing Christ,
with hope in Him as I pursue holiness,