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Several months ago I began walking for exercise. Subsequently, I have become an mp3 sermon junkie. To keep my mind occupied while my body burns calories, I load my mp3 player with sermons and hit the pavement. Weather permitting, I listen to a dozen or more sermons a week. The internet offers a steady stream of good material to feed my habit.

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John Piper’s sermons get more ear time than any other. His daily radio program and his weekly sermons can be downloaded, free of charge. I almost feel like Piper has become my pastor. God has used his preaching and writing ministry to radically enhance my vision of God and His sovereignty.

On Sunday mornings, I have been preaching through Galatians at Lakeshore Baptist Church. As part of my weekly preparation I listen to a couple of sermons on the text I will be preaching the next week. Tom Ascol’s series, “The Truth of the Gospel” and Phil Newton’s Galatians Series have been a wonderful help as I try to immerse myself in Galatians. Phil Newton pastors Southwoods Baptist Church in Memphis, TN and offers several years worth of sermons on his site. They host the Mid-South Founders Conference. I enjoyed virtually attending the last three years on my walks in January. Tom Ascol is pastor of Grace Baptist Church Cape Coral FL and heads up Founders Ministries.

Last week, First Baptist Church St. Peters, Missouri hosted the Southern Baptist Founders Midwest Conference. I checked their web site to see if they possibly included the conference in mp3. They have not, but they do have Pastor Joe Braden’s Ephesians series. I listened to a couple of his sermons this week. I think I will enjoy walking through Ephesians with him in the coming months.

This semester Southern Seminary began making available their chapel messages in mp3. Yesterday I enjoyed listening to Russ Moore’s sermon from last Thursday. I see Don Carson delivered their J. B. Gay Lectures last month. His three session talks entitled “Hard Texts: Why Does Hebrews Cite the Old Testament Like That?” sound very interesting. I have downloaded them and will add them to my playlist for next week.

Phil Johnson provides a treasure trove of sermons through his Sword and Trowel Sermon Library. Phil teaches at Grace Community Church and serves as Executive Director of John MacArthur’s Grace to You. He also hosts messages by S. Lance Quinn, Jerry Wragg, Rick Anderson, Terry Wragg, Don Green, Marc Wragg, and James Dolezal. I believe these men all serve as teaching elders at Grace Community Church.

I should warn you, following the above links could lead to an addiction. My habit has escalated beyond being satisfied with downloading one sermon at a time. If you use the Firefox web browser (highly recommended) you can get the downThemAll extension. this tool allows you to set a filter and download all the mp3 files from one page with a single click. For example, if I hit the sermon archive at FBC Durham NC, I can slurp down 150 of Andy Davis’ sermons while I head out for my morning walk.


Don, What type of mp3 do you have? I am starting to run again, and would love to listen to sermons. Can you help me out?

Don, I’ve found several converters which will convert Real Audio. I listen to them regularly and have found that using MP3 on our own website is much easier for our members.


I have the Rio Cali Sport, pictured above. I bought it as a 2003 Christmas present for my wife who is an avid cyclist. She dropped and smashed her first mp3 player on a 100 mile ride. I chose the Rio primarily for its water/sweat resistant rubber build, its light weight, and small size. Now that I use it myself, those same features come in handy, as well as the easy to use controls. When I step into a convenience store for some Power-Aid, I can easily reach one hand into my pocket, toggle the lock button and hit pause, make a little small talk with the cashier, and resume the sermon while heading out the door. It also comes with an arm band and a belt clip, if you prefer.

It came with a 256 MB SD card, which is plenty big enough for my needs. Depending on the bit-rate, a typical sermon only takes 5-12 MB of space. It only takes a few seconds to transfer a few sermons from my PC to the player via USB. Now, since this one is a year and a half old, I’m sure that comparable players have come down in physical size and price. My wife has been eyeing the Muvo Micro from Creative Labs that looks like a pack of Wrigley’s Spearmint gum. My son loves his Creative Labs 60GB Zen Xtra but its probably a little bigger than you would want to run with. With that much hard drive you could hold more than 6 months worth of around the clock preaching.

My wife bought me a CD of C.S. Lewis’s The Four Loves, which I listened to last friday and this morning at the gym.

Also, Ravi Zacharias has his radio broadcasts online in mp3 format.

So Don, when will you begin making your sermons available via mp3? I’ve been doing so since the beginning of this year. Not very difficult, and creating a file for it to work w/ podcasting software is pretty simple as well. So when can we start hearing you? 8)

Don, I enjoy reading your blog. Quite often it causes me to think then I ran across this one and decided that it is a great idea….I too need to start walking for exercise sake and to be able to listen to good sermons while doing this would be very encouraging.

So now, I will be searching EBAY for a reasonable MP3 player.

Two things mentioned in your blog on this really caught my attention. First, you are teaching thru Galatians and immersing yourself in it. I recommend the link included in the URL, it is my Pastor; Gary Hendrix of Grace Reformed Baptist Church in Mebane, NC. The series is not yet completed but there are many sermons there. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have. The wife and I relisten to them on our commute to work as part of our morning worship.

The second item that caught my eye was your reference to Andy Davis and FBC of Durham. I am fortunate to be able to attend Andy’s Thursday Bible Study, it is a time of immersion in the Word of God and a challenge to apply what is taught.

Wayne Miles


Thanks for reminding me about Ravi Zacharias. I used to listen to him, but have not done so in a while. I’ll have to grab some of those mp3’s. Good stuff.

As for my sermons, you would be much better off listening to the sermons at the links. I have a squeaky voice, stutter like Porky Pig, and often the words get all tangled up when traveling from my brain to my mouth. My sermons aren’t usually worth listening to the first time, much less saving them for posterity. We recorded one of my sermons once and my wife popped the CD in the car. After a few minutes I said, “turn that off. I can’t stand listening to that guy. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about and his voice grates on my nerves.”

Yes, Ravi Zacharias is great to listen to. With my background I find people who can articulate the Christian viewpoint as well as he does very compelling.

As for your sermons, surely you don’t think it’s the tone of your voice that makes them effective? 8)

The best site for sermon download is they have 60,000 free mp3 sermons. My favorite is Ian Paisley. Because I have dial up at home I go to the local library and use their T-1…I can download 60 sermons an hour. You need a good display on your mp3 player so you can tell what sermons are in your mp3. Nothing beats the mini Ipod. the price is down to $200. and well worth it. email if I can help…


Wow, you’ve already listened to all those I mentioned and want more? And I thought I was an mp3 sermon junkie. 🙂 Try Steve Lawson of Christ Fellowship Baptist Church in Mobile, Alabama. Good stuff.

sir, thanks for your response. no, i must admit i haven’t heard all, only the majority of sermons. sir, you should consider posting your sermons for downloads as mp3’s also. i bet you have great insight, i say that because your blog shows your sharp insight to things. i searched your website and am impressed. keep up the good work
grace and peace from our Father,

Hi there– I am looking for any downloadable sermons by Brian Houston of Australia’s Hillsong group.. Also anything by Tommy Tenney.. Any leads??

I have enjoyed listening to some of the compilations from


Dear Don,

Do you know what convert I can get to convert the sermons on Real Audio format into MP3format?


I am another who has a sermon addiction.
I would like to get as many as I can by Don Carson. I have most of his through Christway media. Where else can I get them via the web?

Who are your 6 best speakers?

Thanks for the tip on Firefox!!! Brilliant!
I have a website that includes a plethora of sermon links complete with themes and best of the weeks! Check it out! Thanks!