OUR Father – Youth Bible Study

I wrote the following simple Bible study for a small group of teenagers to do themselves.

Use your Bibles:

1. Read Matthew 6:9-13
A. Underline all the pronouns in the Model Prayer.
B. What do you notice about the pronouns?
C. Who does each pronoun refer to?

2. Read Acts 1:14
A. Who prayed?
B. How many prayed?
C. How long did they pray?

3. Read Acts 6:6-7
A. What 3 things (verse 7) happened after the church prayed?

4. Read Acts 12:5,12
A. Where was Peter?
B. What did the church do?
C. Where were the people doing this?
D. Have you ever prayed with someone else? Where and when? Tell us about it

5. Read Matthew 6:5
A. Where do the hypocrites pray?
B. Why do they pray there? Do they really want their prayers answered or
something else?
C. Do they get what they want?

6. Read Matthew 6:6
A. Where does Jesus say to pray in contrast to the hypocrites?
B. Is this place literal or figurative?
C. List some good places you could pray alone. Why is that a good place?

7. Read Matthew 6:7 and Luke 6:12
A. What’s wrong with the way the heathen pray? ( Matthew 6:7)
B. How long did Jesus pray? (Luke 6:12)
3. What do you think the difference is between Jesus in
Luke 6:12 and the heathen in Matthew 6:7?

8. Read Matthew 6:8
A. Does God already know what you need?

9. Read Matthew 6:9
A. Who is the “our” referring to?
B. Does this mean we should pray with other people?
C. Does this mean we should never pray alone? Why?

Brain Storm and Discuss:

1. What are some advantages to praying with a group?

2. What are some advantages of praying alone?

3. What are some dangers of praying with a group?

4. What are some dangers of praying alone?